Types of Men’s Hairstyles that Will Make You Look Sharp

Nine Types of Men’s Professional Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Sharp

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Celebrities and the red carpet have heavily influenced men’s hairstyles this year. So if you feel you are in a rut and fancy a change but still need to look sharp for work, take a look at these nine professional hairstyles that are perfect for the office, the gym and a night out on the town.


1. Classic Taper

The classic taper is a versatile hairstyle that suits almost all men regardless of their age and lifestyle. It is masculine, easy to maintain and never goes out of style. The versatility of this look allows your stylist to cut it low and tight to invoke the depression era, tight for a short back and sides or traditional for a slightly rugged appearance. Of all the men’s professional hairstyles this one is the most recognized and is commonly referred to as the “businessman’s haircut.”


2. Ivy League

The Ivy League cut is also known as the Harvard or Princeton cut and is a stylish variation of the crew cut with a slick side part.

To achieve this trendy yet classic look, ask your stylist to buzz the top and fade or taper the sides. There are numerous variations of this cut, so let your stylist know how much you want to keep on top and how much to fade. Some of the popular takes on this cut are a low taper fade and textured crew cut, a side-swept look, short and spiky or short or long tapered sides, and a messy top.


3. Slicked Back

This iconic and fashionable style has been around for decades and gained popularity in the ‘50s. Slicked back hair works for all face shapes but not all hair types. The unrulier your hair is, the tougher it will be to slick back.

For a retro vibe, choose a medium length, low-volume flat look and slick the hair back in one direction.

Fade or undercut the sides and leave them natural for a contemporary style.


4. Butch Cut

This low-maintenance style is for a man’s man and is popular with service members. It is buzzed the same length all around giving it a clean and regimented look. It is typically at least a quarter of an inch on top. If you want it close shaven, ask your stylist for a burr cut, but if you prefer a little more hair on top, request a brush cut.


5. Slicked Back and Side Part

This head-turning elaborate hairstyle incorporates a side-part, a fade on the side and slicked-back hair on the top.

This ageless and versatile style oozes sophistication and charm and can be modified to suit your facial shape.


6. Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most popular timeless haircuts for gentlemen because it is low maintenance, stylish and professional.

The modern-day crew cut is a barbershop favorite that features short hair on the top of the head and even shorter hair on the sides and back.

Some popular variations of this style include the classic crew cut with hair that is short on top and longer on the side, the crew cut fade with faded tapers, the side-swept crew with the hair on top swept to the side and the long crew cut with longer hair on top.

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7. Tousled Quiff

Are you looking for something with a little more modern flair? The tousled quiff, sometimes called the messy quiff, is a contemporary hairstyle that looks fabulous in any situation. The sides and the back are kept clean and short while the top is textured with volume and character.

The longer you leave the layers, the more styling the look requires — so you’ll need to be style savvy and have some extra time in the morning.


8. Side Part

Consider embracing your preppy side with a quick and easy side part. This year’s side-parting hairstyles have lots of texture and shorter layers. Keep the sides longer with a scissor cut or a low fade.


9. Undercut

Anyone who is a fan of “Peaky Blinders” can appreciate the simple, stylish and versatile undercut. Leave length on the top while fading, cropping or buzzing the back and sides. The undercut works well with the quiff and the slick back.

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The Perfect Hairstyle

Depending on your personal preferences, facial shape, hair texture and elasticity, you can choose from a variety of classic or iconic hairstyles. Many hairstyles are derivatives of a blended haircut. When you work together with your stylist, you can be confident knowing your hairstyle is on trend and conveying professionalism and style.

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