Bangs Are A Quick Way To Give You A New Look - Atlanta Hair Salon in the Heart of Buckhead

Q: I have had shoulder length hair for quite some time. It is all one length, and I am considering asking my stylist to cut some bangs to update my hairstyle. One of my concerns is that I think that my forehead is a little big, and I am worried that bangs might exaggerate it. Do you have any suggestions? – Rosemary – Buckhead

A: There are different styles of bangs that can be cut into any hairstyle. They can be heavy, “wispy”, short, long, rounded, or squared off. Deciding which type is best for you mainly depends on the shape of your face. If you are considering adding bangs to your hairstyle, talk to your stylist about the different options and select the one that best suits your features. I’m sure you will find a great cut that will add some new life to your look. Send me a picture with the new results.


Q: My job as a day trader recently brought me from a small town in Alabama to Atlanta. I work with people who are very fashionable, so image is very important to my career. I have long hair and I am not sure what I should o with it to make it more hip and fun. I am even considering cutting my hair shorter. Can you give me some ideas to update my hairstyle? – Jen – Atlanta

A: Welcome to Atlanta! As a day trader, I’m sure you are always interacting with people, so you have to project an image of professionalism, intelligence, and savvy. Having long hair does limit you somewhat, and short hairstyles are popular now. One of the more fashionable short haircuts has the sides tapered short continually through the back with extra length left on top, which gives your hair a lot of texture by cutting short and long pieces throughout the top, then use a gel or pomade to give dimension and more body. It’s a very sleek style. Ask your friends what they think about short hair, too. It will help in making the decision. Good luck.


Q: I have recently changed my hair color from blonde to red. I love the color, and I think that it suits me, but the red color fades quickly and it leaves my hair dry. What causes this to happen? Is there another color treatment that I can use to prevent this from happening?

A: To go from blonde to red, I would recommend using a color filler first and them follow with a semi-permanent color. Using a semi-permanent color to change hair from light to dark always seems to leave hair soft without drying it out. After a few color treatments, I’d change over to a permanent color. By this time, the hair should be well saturated and have a soft quality. Most people experience color fading over time, but red color seems to fade more quickly. To reduce the fading, I would recommend using a refreshing shampoo between color treatments, which you can use at home. I hope that helps.