Barron's London Salon - Atlanta Hair Salon in the Heart of Buckhead

David Barron, the charming owner of Barron’s London Salon in Buckhead, has been styling hair in Atlanta and his native London for more than 14 years. He was trained by internationally recognized hairstylist VidalSassoon, has worked in one of the top salons in Atlanta and opened his own salon in 1996. He is extremely self-confident, has an incredible accent and sees himself as both a hair designer and psychologist. It only takes a conversation with Barron to conclude that hair and his family (not necessarily in that order) are his passions in life.

Barron, who specializes in cutting and coloring hair, has appeared on local TV shoes and has tamed the tresses of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. I recently talked to him about hair care, hairstyles and his philosophy on business.


How do you work with new clients?

When a new client comes in, I book an hour for a consultation. We discuss the person’s lifestyle. I try to determine what kind of person he or she is, whether It be conservative, eccentric or fashionable. We will go through magazines, discuss the structure of the face and size of the body. Once I have styled the hair, I will show them how to blow dry the hair. Every new client gets that. That is one reason why so many clients keep coming through my door and why most of my business is through referrals. People like the fact that I take time out for them, and I think it is a great way to do business.


What are the basics of hair care that we should all practice?

Use a good moisturizing shampoo. If your hair is colored, apply an intensive conditioner. If you do not color your hair, a light conditioner should be used. I also recommend having a hair cut every six to eight weeks. If you don’t want to dry your hair out, use products that have low alcohol content.


What do Atlantans need to know about caring for their hair during the hot and humid summer months?

Use the right products and a good brush. If you have curly hair, use a defrizzer.


What are the latest trends in hairstyles for women?

Short, spiky, textured styles and textured mid-length styles. Texture can be created with the cut or with styling products, such as gels and pomades. In terms of color, women are moving towards a natural look.


What are the latest trends for men?

Short, textured, spiky hair. Men are also coloring their hair a lot more. Many younger men are putting light-colored chunky highlights in their hair, and when they try this look, they love it.


Do the specific types of products used on hair make a big difference?

Products make a big difference. Anything that is going to hold your hair has a high alcohol content, and that dries the hair out. It is important to know what you use on your hair and the amount of alcohol in it.


What are the most important things to keep in mind when blowdrying your hair?

Keep the dryer on medium heat, and do not put the dryer too close to the hair. Also, use curling irons and straightening irons as little as possible because they dry the hair so much.


There are so many hair designers and salons in Atlanta, what makes you different?

My accent for one thing! (He laughs.) I am polite, nice, extremely charming and I try to do the best work I can. I try to help and accommodate my clients and be their therapist. I treat my clients extremely well and I cater to them.