Brands We Love: Hotheads and Balmain Hair Extensions

Brands We Love: Hotheads and Balmain Hair Extensions

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When you ask your stylist for hair extensions, you likely want your new tresses to look and feel real — which is why we love the upscale brands Hotheads and Balmain Hair Couture. Both brands promise sleek, elegant hair in their own unique and stylish ways.

About Hotheads

All hair stylists want to guarantee that their clients will leave the salon with hair extensions that perfectly camouflage with their natural hair color. One of the benefits of Hotheads is that they can be seamlessly added without heat or tools.

Reasons We Love Hotheads Extensions

The extensions can be taped in, which enables the extra hair to naturally blend in with the rest of the client’s hair and hairline. There are a variety of color swatches and types of extensions for the client to choose from, such as Mirco Strands, which can be applied to areas where hair is less likely to grow, like around the temples or crown — or Ultimates, hair extensions that easily look as if they are a natural part of hair roots.

Hair extensions are easy to maintain and can last for a long while, especially those pieces that are specifically designed for clients with thin hair. Hotheads can provide people with thin hair the option of donning authentic-looking top-of-the-head hair pieces, which can be worn permanently for four to six weeks. Clients can also wear Originals hair extensions for eight to 10 weeks after each application, and the extensions can be used up to three times each.

Hair extensions are so realistic they will stay in during the duration of a workout or any common day-to-day activity. Since extensions are made to look like natural hair, your new tresses will endure typical daily events.

Hotheads are not only innovative and revolutionary hair stylists, but they are also focused on giving back to the community and helping out the environment. One of their projects is titled Project Zero, a design that enables Hotheads to track their carbon emissions. Hotheads have pledged to pay more attention to how often they use natural resources from the Earth, and to conserve each source. They will also always consider climate change when they are producing goods and services. Their environmental conscientiousness highlights their care and passion for both hair and the greater good.

Another project the brand centers around is giving back to underprivileged children in India. Heart for India is a non-governmental organization that aims to help impoverished children gain an education. The foundation also focuses on assisting women as they complete a diploma. Education plays a vital role in suppressing the ongoing cycle of poverty, and helping young children and women finish their schooling will hopefully help to influence India positively as a whole.

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About Balmain Hair Couture

Balmain Hair Couture gained worldwide recognition during Paris Fashion Week in 2016 when Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner famously swapped their hair, a feat that would not have been possible without Balmain. The models each donned a wig with each other’s natural hair color. After their swap went viral, people wanted to know which brand created such realistic hairpieces, perpetuating Balmain’s current domination in the hair sector.

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Reasons We Love Balmain’s Hair Extensions

Even though Jenner and Hadid alerted the fashion realm to Balmain’s natural-looking wigs, the company produces flawless hair extensions. Balmain hair extensions are highly regarded as luxurious hair pieces because they appear as if they took hours to achieve perfection — but in reality, the added hair is quick and easy to apply. The professional hair company claims that they can add hair extensions at a rate five times faster than traditional fastenings. When the client is visiting a hair extensions salon, they will be surprised at the Balmain extensions attachment process: The extension is installed at the root and bolted in, and then a particular type of gun glides over the contraption to help seal it in place.

Balmain has been used for numerous prestigious fashion shows, which highlights the high-quality nature of Balmain hair extensions, especially if celebrities like Jenner and Hadid are wearing them.

The brand also has a fantastic history in fashion. Balmain has played an integral role in catwalk trends over the last 40 years and is now the only hair company with an authentic fashion legacy. The famous brand not only has a history cemented in fashion, but they are very forward in their way of thinking about advancing the hair industry.

In the past, hair extensions were commonly used for adding length, but now a lot of women add extensions to increase the volume of their hair, and Balmain hair extensions are some of the best. The 100 percent real-hair extensions can last for up to six months!

When you are receiving hair extensions from a salon, you want to ensure your hair is getting the best treatment possible. When a salon uses brands like Hotheads and Balmain Hair Couture, you will have the luxury of knowing that your hair will look fabulous.

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