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Men’s Guide to Getting a Professional Haircut

mens guide professional haircut

A great haircut does not have to be difficult. Often, a little communication with your barber goes a long way. Sometimes, though, you may not know exactly what to ask for when you need a professional style. You may be looking for a professional haircut for any number of reasons: an interview, a new job, starting your own business, after a botched haircut or even as you make major career or geographic changes. Read More

Master’s Guide to Hair Extensions: Five Things to Know Before You Go

masters guide hair extensions

These days, you’ll hardly see a single celebrity out on the red carpet without a little boost from a weave, a clip-in or a full set of heat-bonded luscious locks. Hair extensions are in! It’s no wonder that they are so popular, as their versatility means they can fix almost every hair crisis and transform your look overnight. Read More

The Top 19 Hair Treatments for Dry, Damaged Hair

hair treatments dry damaged hair

Whether we choose long hair or short, curls or straight, colored or natural, most of us share the desire for our hair to feel and look soft, silky and shiny. It’s no accident that TV and magazine advertisements for hair products always feature a beautiful model or actress showing off her gleaming, perfectly conditioned tresses. Read More

Exciting Hair Trends in 2018

exciting hair trends 2018

This year, we’ve seen individuality celebrated on red carpets, runways, and social media feeds, and the same is true for hair!  The new philosophy is to buck the trends and choose a hairstyle that represents your unique style.

Speak to a stylist about the wearability of the hottest hair trends of 2018 and find a unique twist on a popular style and embrace your natural textures, whether its poker straight or voluminous and curly. Read More

10 Color Trends That Are Giving Us Fall Feels

color trends fall graphic

We love fall for its iconic style, crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, and, of course, vibrant colors! When summer wraps up, and we start to feel that nip in the air, there are plenty of things wonderful waiting ahead. Whether or not this time of year still means back to school for you, fall is a great time of year for new beginnings. It’s also a fantastic way to embrace a bold new style. Read More

Iconic Hairstyles Through the Decades

Iconic Hairstyles Through the Decades

Iconic Hairstyles Through the Decades

We’ve always been infatuated with hairstyles. Through the decades, stylists have continuously pushed the boundaries of what it means to have chic hair, and we’ve graciously followed their lead. Even the most outrageous of hairstyles have become popular because they make a statement or send a message about who we are as individuals. Read More

2017 Hair Trends That We Love

2017 hair trends that we love

2017 hair trends that we love

Just like fashion and jewelry, hairstyles tend to become trendy. Once they’re shown off on the runways, they’re featured in fashion and beauty magazines, and they suddenly become mainstream.

You may notice many women wearing the same hairstyle. While that style may be popular now, who knows what will happen in 2017 and beyond? It all depends on what Versace, Givenchy, Burberry, and other designers say is popular.

Now that 2016 is over, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. If you’re ready to change up your current hairstyle (or lack thereof) and try something a little more daring or new, then here’s a list of trends to take note of. Some of these trends have been around for awhile, while others are expected to gain popularity as we enter the new year.

New Year, new hair infographic Read More

How to Recover from Hair Damage After the Summer Months

how to recover from hair damage after summer

how to recover from hair damage after summer

It’s easy to remember to protect your skin from the sun over the summer. There are ads everywhere—from magazines to Internet-enabled devices. However, one thing that we might forget about is our hair.

sun-light-in-woman-hair-xsHave you considered the impact that the sun’s rays or swimming in a chlorine-filled pool can have on your hair? You’ll be surprised by how a person’s tresses can begin one way at the start of the summer (healthy) and, by the end of August or September, how dehydrated they can get as a result of the lack of care shown to them during the summer months. Read More