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Stunning Hairstyles for Holiday Parties

Stunning Hairstyles for Holiday Parties

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show off a new look. Whether it’s a sparkling piece of jewelry, a gorgeous dress, or a stunning hairstyle, this is the time of year to be more adventurous with your appearance.

Given all the social festivities that come with the season, the holidays present a rare opportunity for you to experiment with different looks. There is no greater time to unveil a new style than right before the new year, and nothing is quite as impactful to changing your overall image than a new hairstyle.

A great hairstyle does more than just frame your face; it leaves a lasting impression. You can achieve this by changing hues, cuts, texture, height, braids, hair accessories, and more. Select a hairstyle that leaves everyone asking where you got your hair done, hoping they can replicate your panache.

If you need some inspiration, look no further. Here are some stunning hairstyles for you to try at the upcoming holiday parties.

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Get Inspired Before Cutting or Coloring

If opting to go for an entirely new hairstyle that requires a cut or color, make sure you find a picture of your desired look. Peruse Instagram, fashion blogs, and magazines, and check out the latest celebrity photographs as well.

Celebrities are trendsetters, so, if you want to be ahead of the curve in debuting a new hairstyle, they are the perfect candidates to follow. You can even check out who is styling your favorite celebrities and see if you have any luck booking an appointment with a hairstylist to the stars.

Plan the outfits you will wear to each holiday party and make sure the hairstyles you select work well with your holiday party attire. Take a photograph of your outfit to the salon, so your stylist will have a better vision of the look you are trying to achieve. No matter which hairstyle you choose, always consider your face shape and hair type, as well as the advice of your stylist.

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Bobs, Lobs, and Layers

The holidays are a wonderful time to take that leap and finally get the haircut of your dreams.  Many hair stylists called it too early when they said the mid-length cut would go out of style quickly. This versatile hairstyle has proved its staying power as celebrities continue to chop off their locks.

Bobs, Lobs, and Layers Quote

The reason bobs and lobs continue to wow is because this hairstyle has the potential to look great on many different people. Add some texturizing spray and wear this hairstyle wavy for an afternoon holiday brunch. For an evening party, go for a sleeker look by adding a few drops of Moroccan Oil. This sleek style looks exceptionally beautiful on a blunt, angled bob haircut.

If you’re not ready for a short cut, you can still make a dramatic change with lob that just skims your collarbone. Another alternative is to consider adding soft layers to your long hair for added movement and volume. This free-flowing look will wow guests at your next holiday party, and it pairs well with on-trend ‘90s and ‘70’s inspired clothing.

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Experiment with Color

Freshen up your hair color about a week before your next holiday party. This year, there is not just one color that is more popular than the rest. There is a nice variety of new blended shades of blond, brunette, and reds.

Consider selecting warmer hair colors during the holiday season. Popular root beer hues that mix a cinnamon chocolate shade with soft highlights are perfect. Balayage blond is another favorite option, known for its gradual fade as hair grows out. This type of hair color is very low-maintenance and less expensive than other options.

While pastels and unicorn neon colors were prevalent throughout the summer, brightly colored hair is better left for sunny weather, not formal winter holiday parties. But, for a more casual holiday celebration, a hint of festive color can add an element of fun!

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Fringe-Worthy Style

If you aren’t ready to explore a totally new hairstyle, some bangs or updated fringe can really add a dramatic effect. Channel the infamous Brigette Bardot with center-parted, inverted-V bangs that are fashionable right now and trending everywhere.

This type of bang softly frames your face and does an excellent job of highlighting your cheekbones. Consider straight, blunt bangs as a stark alternative to wispy Bardot bangs. Add a shine spray, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away at your next holiday soiree.

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Embrace Your Natural Texture

Alicia Keys has spent most of this year leaving her face makeup-free and flaunting naturally kinky curls with pride. What started as a trend seems to have turned into a movement, with many celebrities like Kerry Washington and Solange Knowles now wearing a similar hairstyle.

This holiday, let your natural textures flow. Celebrity hairstylists love these undone hairstyles, and they are the perfect look for a casual holiday party.

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Change Up Your Part

The simplest way to change your hairstyle is to move around your hair part. If you typically wear your part to the right, move it to the left to switch up your style. If attending a formal social affair, a glamorous hairstyle like a deep side part will keep guests lingering to catch a glimpse of your style.

To achieve an ultra-sleek hairstyle, blow dry your hair perfectly straight and go over it with a flat iron. Then take a small-tooth comb to achieve a dramatic part. Center parts are making a comeback, and they are well-suited for a holiday party look. A slightly off-centered part pairs perfectly with a natural, textured hairstyle, giving this hairstyle a cool, laid-back vibe.

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Pin Straight Hair

On queue with the revived ‘90s trend, pin straight hair is also back. To achieve this hairstyle, slowly blow out hair section-by-section with a round brush to keep any flyaway hairs at bay. Use a comb to create a center part, and then run a flat iron through your entire hair. Rub anti-frizz cream in your hands and evenly distribute it throughout your hair.

Once your hair is smooth, split it into a sleek ponytail and wrap it with a ribbon or twirl another piece of your hair around a hair tie. Then secure it with a bobby pin. Lock this holiday hairstyle in with some hairspray.

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Trendy Braids

Many women never stopped loving braids. There are countless types of braids to try, and many are suitable for a holiday party.

Game of Thrones Inspired Hair

One look we love is a Game of Thrones-inspired style with intricate curls and braids throughout your entire hair. Another popular hairstyle is a half-up French braid pinned only one side of head with flowing, side-parted hair on the other side.

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Old Hollywood Hair

The holidays often call for glamour and sparkle. Bring Old Hollywood elegance back to life with a curling iron and finishing spray. The key to this look is to smooth out the surface of the hair follicles, so every curl remains bouncy and shiny.

First, curl your whole head with a curling iron, spraying each section with hairspray before curling.  Then spray hairspray onto a hairbrush. Next, brush out the curls section by section.  This will help create that smooth, bouncy style for a luxurious look that’s perfect for the holidays.
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Elegant Buns

Top buns are the most popular type of bun these days. Try mixing it up by creating an elegant bun at the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair tie and bobby pins, and you’ve created an easy, low-maintenance holiday hairstyle.

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Wet-Look Hair

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner was caught wearing this 1990’s grunge hairstyle. Now, it has been seen everywhere, from runways to office hallways. Whether you have long or short hair, you can rock this wet-look hairstyle.

The key to this hairstyle is not fully drying your hair when you get out of the shower. Instead, leave your hair slightly damp. Cover your fingers lightly with gel or mousse and run them through your hair. Use a brush to blow-dry the hair if you need more volume. This attention-getting hairstyle is perfect for a late-night holiday party.

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Romantic Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

If you plan on wearing a dress made from a light material like chiffon or a romantic fabric like silk or velvet, you need a romantic hairdo to match. Invest in a beautiful metal clip for this hairstyle.

Take a fine-toothed comb to part your hair right above each ear. Then gather the middle section together and sweep it together slightly below the crown of your head. Keep it secure with a hair tie, and then clasp the metal clip over it to complete this hairstyle.

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Timeless Up-Dos

Fashion shows us that history repeats itself, and nostalgia is ever-present. Channel your inner retro pin-up model by trying out this timeless pompadour up-do. This is one dramatic hairstyle that will take your look to new heights.

This hairstyle takes a bit of effort, so you might want to enlist the help of a good stylist. This masterful style will help you achieve retro hair that is guaranteed to turn heads.

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Accessorize with Ribbons, Bows, and Headbands

Fashion Week in New York, Milan, London, and Paris have all confirmed the ‘90s trend is here to stay. The small floral bows that were extremely popular during that era have returned, and Kendall Jenner was wearing them down the runway recently.

This holiday season, there are no accessories that are off-limits. Everything from velvet ribbons to scarf headbands are trending right now. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle to your holiday look with beaded headbands or studded clips.

Plenty of designers are producing hair accessories made of precious stones and metals that look more like works of art or jewelry than hair accessories. This holiday season, add a little sparkle to your hairstyle with an ornate accessory.

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New Years Eve Model HairdoAs the holidays season begins, everyone will start attending a number of parties and family gatherings. Your busy social calendar presents the perfect opportunity to unveil a new look or experiment with different styles.

There is no greater way to change up your appearance than to wear a new hairstyle. It’s the perfect time to play with texture, color, length, volume, or twinkly hair accessories.

Changing your part or wearing your hair’s natural texture are two simple ways to minimally change your hairstyle while making a big splash at your next holiday party. Adding curls, braids, twists, or buns creates even more impact to these stunning hairstyles.

Get inspiration from social media, blogs, celebrities, and friends before you settle on your holiday style and always leave the more drastic changes for a professional stylist at a trusted salon. With so many hairstyle options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right one to help you look stunning this holiday season.

Back To Nature This Fall at Barron’s London Salon!

Back to Nature this Fall at Barron’s London Salon

Did you try a new hair color trend this summer? Swim in a pool or the ocean? How about garden, go to a Braves game or have a mimosa on an outdoor patio? If you answered yes to these wonderful summer activities, or anything else that exposed your hair to the brutal sun, humidity and elements, it’s time to get back to nature with your hair care!
The hot hair ingredient everyone is talking about now is roucou oil. Never heard of it? Well here’s your chance to learn about this fantastic ingredient that does wonders for getting your hair back into shape for fall.

Lipstick Tree Pods Lipstick Tree
Pronounced ru ˈku, it’s the powerhouse behind the Davines’ Oi products that make your hair insanely vibrant and glossy. Found in the Amazon rainforest, it is derived from the fruit of the achiote, an evergreen shrub sometimes called the lipstick tree because of its pink flowers and spiny red fruit. Roucou oil is harvested from the seeds of the heart-shaped fruit.

Roucou oil stimulates the production of melanin, which is responsible for your hair’s color. Melanin can keep gray hair and frizz at bay. Permanent fix? No, but definitely great for preventative measures!
Roucou oil also contains ellagic acid and 100 times more beta carotene than carrots! This combination helps to neutralizes free radicals and have antioxidant properties that protect against UV radiation. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can directly damage cellular structural membranes, lipids, proteins, and DNA. While our bodies have a natural defense against free radicals, as we age, free radical production increases while our defenses decrease. This can result in graying and/or thinning hair. So…fighting free radicals is of utmost importance to your haircare!

Oi Collection
Roucou oil is the key ingredient in Davines’ OI All in One Milk, a multi-tasking leave-in-conditioner that can be used to comb through stubborn tangles, combat frizz, add body, and facilitate styling while protecting against heat and other stressors. It gives your hair a glossy sheen and smells gorgeous, thanks to tea and amber infusions. Roucou oil is also a major player in Davines’ OI Oil, a lightweight tonic that conditions without weighing strands down. In OI Shampoo, the ingredient teams up with rose oil for clean, super-shiny hair, while apricot butter builds on the oil’s moisturizing powers in the OI conditioner.
By popular demand, the signature scent and ingredients have been captured in a new Oi Lotion and Body Balm, yours with a purchase of three hair care products from this amazing line from Davines!


FREE Oi/Balm or Oi/Aroma with the purchase of any two retail size Oi hair or body products!

Oi Aroma Oi Balm


Keratin Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioning Treatment is infused with Keratin, Vanilla Bean and botanical extracts

$15 with any service (Reg $25)

vanilla beans with blossom
September 7 Labor Day

Labor Day

September 15 David travels to London for another photo shoot of his newest hair collection

Purple Hair Final

September 23 First Day of Fall!


David Barron Featured on The Salon Magazine!


David Barron was featured in The Salon Magazine for his win at the Best of the Best Awards. In June, David won one of Ireland’s highest accolades for Best International image at the competition in Dublin, Ireland. For more about his win, read the article here. Congratulations again, David.

Back to Basics Hair at Barron’s London Salon!

Back To Basics Hair At Barron’s London Salon

Every August we see the beginning of the end of summer. Kids go back to school and routine sets in. That’s why we celebrate August with a Back to Basics approach to hair! Here you will find a refresher course on the basics of hair, and a few specials to help!
Shampooing HairHow to Shampoo & Condition Your Hair: Has anyone ever told you the proper way to shampoo and condition your hair? The rule of thumb is that you shampoo your scalp and condition your ends. Use only enough shampoo to cover your scalp all over. No extra is needed for the ends! As you rinse your scalp, the shampoo glides through the rest of your hair and cleanses it. Conditioner is the opposite. Apply conditioner from your mid shaft to the ends. Any remaining on your hands can be run through the top. Do not apply extra conditioner to your scalp. This can make hair feel greasy, weighed down or oily. The natural oils from your scalp will take care of the rest.
How to Pick a Brush: Yes, there are a gazillion kinds of brushes in your stylist’s arsenal. Have you ever thought to ask why? Each brush serves a purpose for each clients’ hair. Here is a short breakdown: Round brushes give “round” volume, Which Hair Brush Is Best For Curly Hair?usually the shorter the hair, the smaller the brush needed. However, smaller brush heads also give more curl and more tension, so check in to see which size your stylist recommends based on how you style your hair. Vent brushes can also add volume, but allow air to pass through when blow drying, so this brush is best suited for a rough air dry effect with a little definition. Same rule applies, the longer the hair, the larger the brush needed. Paddle brushes are great for straight styles and are usually better for hair past the shoulders. Finally, the 7 or 9 row Denman brush. This is great for smooth straight styles as well as styling bangs without getting that 80’s pouf.

How toHairspraying Hair Pick a Hairspray: While some of you never touch the stuff, for many, hairspray is as basic a hair need as shampoo. We love hairspray and feel a final spritz before you go anywhere is a plus for any hairstyle. How do you choose which one is right for you? The question to ask yourself is how much movement do you like to have in your hair throughout the day? If you want to run your hands through it constantly and feel nothing, then a soft hold spray will control fly away and still feel like air. Most people feel like they want some hold, but still touchable, that is the medium hairspray. If your hair is unruly, stubborn and tends to frizz, then a strong hold is best. Strong hold is also best for special occasion styles when you want a specific style to stay put all night. Still unsure? Let the hair experts at Barron’s London Salon help you decide!


Deals at Barron’s London Salon!

~Stock up on the Basics~

15% off large sizes of your favorite Shampoos & Conditioners

Davines Liters

15% off Brushes


15% off Hairsprays

Moroccanoil Hairspray


Barron’s Buzz

Back To School for Atlanta Schools!

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboard

Have Fun In The Sun This Summer at Barron’s London Salon!

Have Fun In The Sun This Summer At Barron’s London Salon!

Beach Hair

Summer hair is all about having fun and letting loose!  Read below for tips on how to keep your hair looking effortless like the season, but still fabulous!

  • Always Use Protection!  Heat and UV protection, that is.  This summer, for a limited time, Davines has its sun line available.  It includes extra UV protection for both hair and body.  An extra bonus is that it prolongs your tan and reduces redness from sunburn. Buy 2, get 1 free while supplies last! Another option is Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion…great for air drying hair and accentuating waves, with the extra bonus of sun protection.
  • Stay Hydrated!  Just as your body needs more water during the hot summer months, so does your hair!  Exposure to the heat and sun will dry out hair in no time.  Keeping hair hydrated keeps that effortless look from looking stringy and frizzy.  Take home a Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask, or Kevin Murphy Hydration kit.  A simple 5 minutes a week can make all the difference!  AnothBeach hairer option…let us do the work for you!  Moisture treatments can be added to any service for $25 and only takes an extra 15 minutes!
  • Get your roots done!  While summer brings lighter hair colors to the scene, having a dark contrasting root color takes away from that effortless beauty of the lighter shades of summer.  a simple base break or base color can make all the difference!  Cover you gray, blend your blonde, soften the line of new growth…the longer you wait, the worse it gets, so plan to see us every 4 weeks or so this season to keep up your roots!
  • Simply Shine!  Add a touch of sparkle to your hair and body.  The sun will reflect off of the invisible flecks and you will just glow!  Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Lotion adds beautiful glow to skin,  Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine adds shine and moisture to hair with humudity and UV protection. Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine has Micah that reflect sun and also protects from heat appliances.  Want a touch of shine just where you want it?  Keratin Highlighting powder is just the thing!


Monthly Specials at Barron’s London Salon

*Buy 2, Get 1 Free Davines “Su” Sun Line of products

(Limited quantities, while supplies last)

Davines SU

*25% off Shine products

Shimmer Shine

*25% off Moisture Masks from Moroccanoil and Kevin Murphy


Barron’s Buzz

June 1-The team attended the Orlando Hair Show for Educaton and Inspiration!


June 28-David traveled to Ireland and came home a Winner of the Irish Best of the Best International Stylist-Congratulations!

David Winner

July 4-Celebrate Independence Day with good food, family and friends (Salon will be closed)

4th of July

July 12&13-Team travels to Vegas for a Master Class Academy to get advanced education on cuts, updos, color and more


Prep Your Hair For Summer This May At Barron’s London Salon

Prep Your Hair for Summer this May at Barron’s London Salon!

This month we are focused on getting your hair ready for summer and all of the things that can wreak havoc on your hair. By adding moisture, strength and smoothness, your hair can make it through the damage caused by heat, sun, chlorine, salt water, etc. relatively unscathed!


Add Moisture: If your hair is dehydrated now, just imagine what it will feel like at the end of those hot summer months! May is the perfect time to rehydrate hair and get it prepped for the sun. We recommend adding an in-salon moisture treatment with a follow up at home with a hydrating mask to help hydrate and retain moisture.


Add Strength: Is your hair weak or already breaking? Add strength now to keep from having super damaged hair at the end of summer. An in-salon strengthening treatment is exactly what your stylist ordered! Adding elasticity and strength to your hair now will help protect it from the elements that weaken hair during the summer months.


Add Smoothness: Already fighting frizz? You know the uphill battle that will become as the weather gets hotter and more humid. Adding keratin will help significantly decrease frizz for the summer! Start with a Vitalshot in May and consider a treatment for longer lasting results.


May Deals at Barron’s London Salon


*FREE Un.Tangle-Me with purchase of Hydrate.Me Wash & Hydrate.Me Rinse

(while supplies last)  Un.Tangle-Me is a leave-in moisture spray with heat protection.

*$15 Moisture Treatment with any service (Reg $25)
*$15 Strenthening Treatment with any service (Reg $25)
*$15 Keratin Vitalshot with any service (Reg $25)
*25% off Davines Masks with purchase of Shampoo & Conditioner


Barron’s Buzz

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10

Memorial Day, May 25


“Spring” Into Something New This April At Barron’s London Salon

Spring is all about fresh starts and trying something new! At Barron’s London Salon we encourage you to branch out, spread your wings and dive into something new with your hair! Below are a few suggestions to “spring” you into something new!

• Try a new trend: What is new this spring in the hair world? How about going grey? Yes, women everywhere have been coloring their natural gray to hide it, but today’s trend is to let it shine! But not in the natural sort of let-it-grow-out way, 2015-Spring-and-Summer-Hair-Color-Trends-Silver-Hair-16but the dye- me-platinum-with-a-violet-undertone way. Not your cup of tea? No problem…we have a few other options to help you “spring” into something new.

• Try a new product: Whether you switch up your shampoo and conditioner, or add a new root boost or smoothing serum to your hair routine, changing products can be a great thing for spring! At Barron’s London Salon we are untangledlaunching a new product line, Davines, to help you spring into something new! Our hair professionals can guide you to the best fit for your hair type. Like what you’ve been using? So do we! The other lines we carry still stand strong, but may have some new offerings to try, like Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo or Kevin Murphy’s Un.tangled

• Try a new philosophy: Recycle, sustainability, low emissions…whatever you like a little, embrace a lot for a new way to spring into something new. Read more for ways we can help you with this through new biodegradable packaging from Kevin Murphy to the farm to table concept in hair care with Davines.

April Deals at Barron’s London Salon
Davines is a family owned business with an emphasis on the natural, sustainable beauty that is great for your hair with proven results. Stop by to get the full story and a personalized recommendation for you!

“At Davines, we believe that living a balance of Beauty and Sustainability, what we call “Sustainable Beauty”, can improve our lives and the world around us”

Our gift to you for April…
Free travel hairspray with the purchase of any 2 Davines products

Davines Styling
Barron’s Buzz
Easter! April 5

Easter Eggs

David travels to Toronto to find out the results of his nomination for International Stylist of the Year April 18!


Add Fall Flair To Your Hair At Barron’s London Salon In September


Fall is all about change.  The weather gets cooler, the days get shorter and hair and fashion follow the same direction.  This time of year many clients ask for their hair to have a little depth, dimension and drama to match the change in season.

Read More

Back to Basics at Barron’s London Salon in August

HAIR 101: Basic hair tips you need to know!

Woman with GlassesBefore the busy back to school time is upon us, Barron’s London Salon is going Back to the Basics! From the right shampoo and conditioner, to the right appliance, and even the right hairspray, we’ll cover all the essentials you need to know to manage your hair all season long!

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An Interview with Top Atlanta Hairstylist David Barron

Woman with hair styled by Atlanta hairstylist David Barron

Woman with hair styled by Atlanta hairstylist David BarronAtlanta’s own David Barron, a recent nominee for the NAHA 2014 Hairstylist of the Year, was featured on the Pyxie Post. In this exclusive interview, David Barron reveals the inspiration for his impressive career, the beginnings of Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta, and how it feels to be a finalist for such a prestigious honor.

Check out the interview to learn more about one of Atlanta’s top hair stylists!


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