NAHA 2018 David Barron Competition Hair

Finding the Right Atlanta Hair Salon for You

By Barron's London Salon | January 5, 2019

Style is very personal. Finding the right Atlanta hair salon is important to truly show your best self. Barron’s London Salon has the experience and technique to bring out your individual beauty, offering a wide selection of services to showcase your personal style.

2019 Contessa Awards Submission - international Hairstylist

David Barron named a finalist in the 2019 International Contessa Awards

By Barron's London Salon | December 21, 2018

I’m very excited And honored to be a finalist in the international Contessa awards I want to thank Salon magazine and a big thank you to John Rawson, our photographer. Now Trending: The Contessa 2019 Finalists! David’s Contessa 30 Finalist Collection »

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Creating Fabulous Styles at the Best in Atlanta Hair Salons

By Barron's London Salon | December 8, 2018

Looking for a new you? Barron’s London Salon is one of the top Atlanta hair salons creating beautiful new looks every day. Our team, led by the renowned David Barron, utilizes the skills, creativity, and professionalism demanded by the industry to bring your look to the level of celebrity styles.The best in Atlanta hair salons, […]

Atlanta Hair Salon - Hair Straightener Treatments

Three Benefits of Getting a Salon Treatment for Dry Hair

By Barron's London Salon | October 29, 2018

Is your hair frizzy, unmanageable and impossible to style? Do you dread shampooing your locks because drying your hair turns your tresses into a brittle, unsightly mess? If this sounds like you, your mane is in serious need of some moisture.

Men's Professional Haircuts in Buckhead Atlanta

Nine Types of Men’s Professional Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Sharp

By Barron's London Salon | October 22, 2018

Celebrities and the red carpet have heavily influenced men’s hairstyles this year. So if you feel you are in a rut and fancy a change but still need to look sharp for work, take a look at these nine professional hairstyles that are perfect for the office, the gym and a night out on the […]

Atlanta Hair Colorist Salon - Woman Detangling Hair

Five Reasons You Might Need a Hair Color Correction

By Barron's London Salon | October 15, 2018

Have you ever looked in the mirror after you’ve dyed your hair and instantly regretted buying that do-it-yourself kit? Countless people have experienced a hair horror story in their lifetime — perhaps their highlights turned out chunky instead of sleek and subtle, or their hair dye turned their roots into an unwanted bright red.