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How To Make Hair Grow Longer


As I am sure you have heard, if you cut your hair frequently your hair will grow in faster, longer, and healthier.

Gobbledygook! This myth came from the observation of men’s facial hair. As they shaved, the facial hair would indeed grow in thicker. Its called, ‘puberty.’

This is because certain male hormones affect facial hair in that manner. They do not affect the hair on the head in the same way.

To the contrary. Male hormonal activity is what leads to hair thinning and loss on certain parts of the head, but not all. Hence the familiar balding pattern known as ‘male pattern baldness.’ This same hormonal activity also affects women, but not until much later in life, and in a different pattern.

Cutting your hair only makes it shorter, does not affect the growth rate one iota, and cannot determine the length that your hair will grow to. Maximum hair length is determined by the shape and width of the hair shaft, and that is determined genetically and is not alterable with current technology.

Lastly, hair is neither healthy or unhealthy. It is in fact, dead. Else, it would really hurt to cut it. It is the health of the hair follicle below the outer skin that requires nutrients for good health, and deminished adverse hormonal activity.

So, unless you have split ends or chemically damaged hair, the only need to cut your hair is for the look that you want.

A few things that you can do to ensure that your hair follicle remains healthy and your hair is undamaged, are:

1. Take an inexpensive daily multi vitamin such as ‘One-A-Day’ or even ‘Flintstones.’ Your hair likes zinc and biotin and both of the above mentioned vitmins contain ample amounts of these. Don’t waste your hard earned money on ‘super vitamins.’ Your body only requires so many vitamins per day and simply discharges the excess.  You can’t put twenty gallons in a ten gallon tank. In some instances, over dosing on supplements can actually be fatal.

2. Do not over brush your hair. With every stroke you damage your hair more. Brush only as much as you need to style your hair, then stop.

3. Buy a good quality brush or comb without sharp plastic or metal ridges. This is one of the common factors leading to split ends, as is over brushing.

4. Don’t be penny foolish. Buy good quality salon products. The chemicals used in many if not most over the counter shampoos and conditioners, contain very harsh ingredients such as ‘ammonium laurel sulfate’ which can actually dry your hair out, and cause breakage and split ends. Even worse, many contain a form of silicon, and that can be very bad for your hair.

5. Don’t constrict your hair with tight bands, hats, braids and the like. These also lead to split ends and hair breakage.

Cosmoprof 2012


A troop of MODERN SALON Editors will be covering the 10th annual Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) and PBA Beauty Week at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas this Sunday, July 22 to Tuesday, July 24. MODERN will be covering the show extensively reporting live with Facebook and Twitter updates, blogs, articles and videos. If you are attending the show this year, make sure you stop by MODERN’s booth # D9099, and pick up complimentary issues of MODERN SALON, July/August SALON TODAY and our summer edition of FIRST CHAIR.

Cosmoprof will deliver a strong international presence with exhibitors from 40 countries with six official Country Pavilions (Brazil, China, Columbia, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan). This year there will be 284 international exhibitors. The Country Pavilions will allow small and medium-sized companies from within select markets to participate in CPNA with the objective of obtaining direct “face time” with distributors and retailers to secure distribution in the United States.


Blonde Hair Color

Glossy hair

Long blonde hair has to be the ultimate look – it doesn’t matter what else we flirt with we still keep coming back to the trademark of many a sexy screen siren.

Platinum shades look striking but aren’t for everyone. If you want to go extra light but don’t think your complexion can take it, try a few ultra-light slices through the front of your style instead.

Blonde doesn’t have to be about being the lightest you can go; deeper shades like caramel, ash and toffee all fall into the blonde spectrum and look beautiful placed as highlights throughout the hair.

This season’s blondes are pure tones of matte ashes and contrasting chocolates. Old-fashioned blonde highlights are replaced with discreet techniques.Hidden color and changing partings give a softer less bash effect. Honey blonde, caramel blonde, white blonde and toffee blonde mixed together make natural-looking hair colors. They are suitable for most skin tones and are therefore very wearable.While brown hair is naturally glossy, blonde hair needs a bit more to help to keep it from looking dull. However, blonde hair becomes brassy for a number of reasons. It’s often when the hair has been bleached or pre-lightened and the desired color result hasn’t been achieved. Too much sun and not enough after-sun protection can cause brassiness, too. Product, pollution, sunshine, smoking and chlorine all contribute to brassy hair or make grey/white hair look yellow. A sun screen keeps blonde tones soft and creamy. Shampoo with a hair detoxifier first, then follow with a color shampoo to remove the yellow from the hair. Invest in a good blonde shampoo and an intensive conditioner. Violet-tinted shampoos and conditioners are a godsend for blondes, as the color helps correct and counteract any brassiness within the hair.

Cool Punk Hair Color Ideas


Take a cue from the hottest hair chameleons of the moment and vamp up your tresses with a cutting edge new tone.

There’s no need to opt for a block-coloring process if you wish to take things more slowly. Check out the visual impact rainbow highlights can have on your base tone. However if you’re not afraid of showcasing your edgy attitude towards hair dyeing you can tint all your strands with a uniform and catchy shade. The following cool Punk hair color ideas have conquered millions due to their groundbreaking effect on plan locks. Keep your hair stylist’s number at hand at make sure you have an appointment for a dapper makeover as soon as possible.

June 2012 Avant Garde Feature on Hairbrained.me

Best Atlanta Buckhead Hair Salon

Best Atlanta Buckhead Hair Salon In June 2012, David Barron’s Avant Garde work was featured on hairbrained.me.  The unique hair creations by David Barron were based on the artistic genre Cubism, which featured geometric shapes and bright colors.

Beautylaunchpad.com Remembers Vidal Sassoon

Launchpad May 2012 Vidal Sassoon Cover

May 2012 Beautylaunchpad.com remembers Vidal Sassoon

In May 2012, the hair industry lost an iconic legend, Vidal Sassoon.  For David Barron, Owner of  Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta, GA his death was especially sad since his career began with his education at Vidal Sassoon in London.  Beautylaunchpad.com collected the many memories of those in the hair industry touched by Vidal Sassoon.  This is where David shared a touching memory of his conversation with Vidal about the East End of London where they both grew up.