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Back to Basics Hair at Barron’s London Salon!

Hairspraying Hair

Back To Basics Hair At Barron’s London Salon

Every August we see the beginning of the end of summer. Kids go back to school and routine sets in. That’s why we celebrate August with a Back to Basics approach to hair! Here you will find a refresher course on the basics of hair, and a few specials to help!
Shampooing HairHow to Shampoo & Condition Your Hair: Has anyone ever told you the proper way to shampoo and condition your hair? The rule of thumb is that you shampoo your scalp and condition your ends. Use only enough shampoo to cover your scalp all over. No extra is needed for the ends! As you rinse your scalp, the shampoo glides through the rest of your hair and cleanses it. Conditioner is the opposite. Apply conditioner from your mid shaft to the ends. Any remaining on your hands can be run through the top. Do not apply extra conditioner to your scalp. This can make hair feel greasy, weighed down or oily. The natural oils from your scalp will take care of the rest.
How to Pick a Brush: Yes, there are a gazillion kinds of brushes in your stylist’s arsenal. Have you ever thought to ask why? Each brush serves a purpose for each clients’ hair. Here is a short breakdown: Round brushes give “round” volume, Which Hair Brush Is Best For Curly Hair?usually the shorter the hair, the smaller the brush needed. However, smaller brush heads also give more curl and more tension, so check in to see which size your stylist recommends based on how you style your hair. Vent brushes can also add volume, but allow air to pass through when blow drying, so this brush is best suited for a rough air dry effect with a little definition. Same rule applies, the longer the hair, the larger the brush needed. Paddle brushes are great for straight styles and are usually better for hair past the shoulders. Finally, the 7 or 9 row Denman brush. This is great for smooth straight styles as well as styling bangs without getting that 80’s pouf.

How toHairspraying Hair Pick a Hairspray: While some of you never touch the stuff, for many, hairspray is as basic a hair need as shampoo. We love hairspray and feel a final spritz before you go anywhere is a plus for any hairstyle. How do you choose which one is right for you? The question to ask yourself is how much movement do you like to have in your hair throughout the day? If you want to run your hands through it constantly and feel nothing, then a soft hold spray will control fly away and still feel like air. Most people feel like they want some hold, but still touchable, that is the medium hairspray. If your hair is unruly, stubborn and tends to frizz, then a strong hold is best. Strong hold is also best for special occasion styles when you want a specific style to stay put all night. Still unsure? Let the hair experts at Barron’s London Salon help you decide!


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Barron’s Buzz

Back To School for Atlanta Schools!

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboard

Have Fun In The Sun This Summer at Barron’s London Salon!

Beach Hair

Have Fun In The Sun This Summer At Barron’s London Salon!

Beach Hair

Summer hair is all about having fun and letting loose!  Read below for tips on how to keep your hair looking effortless like the season, but still fabulous!

  • Always Use Protection!  Heat and UV protection, that is.  This summer, for a limited time, Davines has its sun line available.  It includes extra UV protection for both hair and body.  An extra bonus is that it prolongs your tan and reduces redness from sunburn. Buy 2, get 1 free while supplies last! Another option is Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion…great for air drying hair and accentuating waves, with the extra bonus of sun protection.
  • Stay Hydrated!  Just as your body needs more water during the hot summer months, so does your hair!  Exposure to the heat and sun will dry out hair in no time.  Keeping hair hydrated keeps that effortless look from looking stringy and frizzy.  Take home a Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask, or Kevin Murphy Hydration kit.  A simple 5 minutes a week can make all the difference!  AnothBeach hairer option…let us do the work for you!  Moisture treatments can be added to any service for $25 and only takes an extra 15 minutes!
  • Get your roots done!  While summer brings lighter hair colors to the scene, having a dark contrasting root color takes away from that effortless beauty of the lighter shades of summer.  a simple base break or base color can make all the difference!  Cover you gray, blend your blonde, soften the line of new growth…the longer you wait, the worse it gets, so plan to see us every 4 weeks or so this season to keep up your roots!
  • Simply Shine!  Add a touch of sparkle to your hair and body.  The sun will reflect off of the invisible flecks and you will just glow!  Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Lotion adds beautiful glow to skin,  Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine adds shine and moisture to hair with humudity and UV protection. Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine has Micah that reflect sun and also protects from heat appliances.  Want a touch of shine just where you want it?  Keratin Highlighting powder is just the thing!


Monthly Specials at Barron’s London Salon

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Shimmer Shine

*25% off Moisture Masks from Moroccanoil and Kevin Murphy


Barron’s Buzz

June 1-The team attended the Orlando Hair Show for Educaton and Inspiration!


June 28-David traveled to Ireland and came home a Winner of the Irish Best of the Best International Stylist-Congratulations!

David Winner

July 4-Celebrate Independence Day with good food, family and friends (Salon will be closed)

4th of July

July 12&13-Team travels to Vegas for a Master Class Academy to get advanced education on cuts, updos, color and more


20 Summer highlight trends to try now

you are in search of a bold new look this summer, or even a more sophisticated and subtle look, summer 2015 ushers in a new round of popular trends in highlighting. While not entirely jumping into a completely new hair color, highlighting offers an alternative, giving you the option to try out a new trend and brighten your appearance, without completely transforming your hair color and your overall look.

Some of the prettiest hair colors for 2015 are rich in color and rich in impact. There is no “right” answer when it comes to highlight trends for the summer, because there is no hair color that is simply right for everyone. It is up to you and your stylist to come up with the look that works the best for you, whether that means a subtle change or a more drastic one, when it comes to your hair color. From platinum blond to honey brown, from bright purple to pastel pink, the options are endless, and so are the techniques available to give you the unique look you are in search of this summer season.

At Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta, we understand the value of making you look your best, refashioning your hair so that you get the results you are after. We do not create a “whole new you” but rather capitalize on your own individual strengths when it comes to your appearance, helping present the world with the very best “you.” We offer a number of highlight techniques, aimed at giving you the results you want when it comes to a new and trendy summer hair color.

If you are ready to make the leap into one of the summer’s latest trends, we have 20 of the hottest trends for you to try right now. While one-tone hair color is limited when it comes to definition and volume, multi-tone hair color offers a hot look that’s not only trendy but also adaptable to the season. Whether you want to go platinum, or add in some distinctive and dynamic locks, we are sure one of these striking looks is right for you this summer season.

Bold Highlights

The first summer highlight trend has to do with color highlights. To make the strongest and most dramatic change, you have to ensure there is a really distinctive difference between your hair’s base tone and the highlight shade. For an eye-popping twist, try tints like bright blue, orange, purple, pink, or red. Although hardly subtle, you are sure to turn a few heads each and every time you enter a room. So, if you’re ready for a big change, break out of the rut and try a new bold color when it comes to adding highlights this summer season.

Pastel Highlights

Along with the rich tones of red and purple, a lot of celebrities have been seen sporting pastel highlights, too. From streaks to dip-dye looks, this is really an eye-catching way to change your hair color, while still maintaining some of your original base color. Soft pinks and purples, even light blues, are a place to start, but your stylist can help you come up with just the right shade for you.



If you want just a peek or two of color, try some peek-a-boo highlights. This is a great way to add in highlights if you already have a dark hair base color. Try some peek-a-boo highlights of blonde, or even some purple, to mix things up. You can also go with some semi-permanent hair color, which is sometimes easier on your locks than permanent hair color is, but which doesn’t last as long. This is a good way to try out a highlight shade if you’re not too sure about the results.

More Natural Peek-a-Boo Highlights

If you want to look more natural, and you have a beige blonde base, try buttery blonde highlights. With long layers, this creates a fresh new look that will last you all summer long.

If you already have a dark base color, like espresso, you can add in barely-mocha highlights to achieve some contrast, without going to a bold new extreme.

Blonde/Brunette Highlights

If you want to stick with a more subtle look, go for blonde or brunette highlights for the summer. This is a mild way of starting out with highlights, but not going too drastic. You will want to start by adding in just a few highlights that won’t be too noticeable.

To do so, you will want your base tone to be close to the highlight shade. This helps add development and volume to your hair’s appearance.

Summer Brown Blonde

For a new and updated look, go for summer brown blonde. You can get stronger highlights in the front, and then toward the back an ombre-balayage look.

If you have brunette hair, go for nectar blonde or
brilliant blonde highlights. If you have blonde hair, you can include light tan highlights in with your original color.

Brunette with Caramel Highlights

If you’re naturally a brunette, one of the most beautiful looks right now is achieved by using caramel highlights. This type of look makes it appear as if you’ve been in the natural sun all summer long and have just let your hair grow out. It’s a great choice for the summer, giving you an effortless look with long beautiful tresses.

Caramel highlights offer the perfect solution for both a versatile and fashionable new look. It’s also a growing trend among celebrities, and looks great on women with a darker and richer base hair color.

Brunette Highlights with Bangs

Mix up the brunette highlights a little by adding in some summer bangs. There is nothing cuter right now than some long bangs, combined with perfect highlights and big summer curls to round out the look. Again, this is a great summer look that will take you into fall and beyond.

Lighten Up

If you love dark hair,

but are ready for a summer change,

start going lighter than your normal

shade right now. This includes some blonde

highlights to lighten up your look when the days

are long and the summer sun is plentiful. The change

isn’t too drastic, but it does lighten up your overall color.

Brunette A-Line

Bob/Balayage Highlights

Loose curls have never looked prettier, pairing a brunette’s long A-line bob with balayage highlights. This is another perfect solution for summer hair, giving your hairdo an effortless look, along with a more dramatic contrast from the top of your hair to the tips of your hair.

With balayage highlights, the highlight color is swept on with a paddle. This gives your stylist more creativity in where the highlights go, unlike with foils, which end up looking much more precise when you’re finished. It’s a great solution if you are trying to cover just a few strands of gray, too.

Light Blonde Hair/

Platinum Highlights

If your hair is light blonde, you can also get some great results by adding platinum highlights. Because your base color is already blonde, you can get away with adding in platinum highlights, because the contrast will not be quite so drastic as it would be if you had a darker base color to begin with.

Low-Maintenance Highlights

If you’re hoping for a real low-maintenance type of highlight, consider just brightening up the ends of your hair. If you add in some honey blonde to the tips of your hair, you get a summer-look without the maintenance requirements of full highlights. This is a great solution for fabulous summer hair that looks great on the beach or in the office.

Ombre Spectrum

If you want to stand out, though, consider asking your stylist to give you a bright new look with an ombre spectrum. In this case, the tips of your hair become sunny blonde, while your roots are left as the darkest shade of your hair color. This hair coloring look provides a lot of contrast and gives you highlights that just can’t be missed.

Soft Ombre

For a softer ombre look, try bumping up your
natural hair color base a little, and then
matching it with highlights, which complement the color. This highlight provides a softer ombre effect by keeping your highlights just two to three shades lighter than your original base color. With this type of coloring, the highlighting starts about at your hair’s mid-length rather than at the root of your hair.



One big trend for 2015 is the under layering ombre.
This is a great look for those who have light
medium brown roots topped off with a caramel shade on the top layer, which ends just past the shoulders. It’s an updated version of a highly sought after hair color for the past couple of years.


& Lowlights

To keep your highlights from appearing
too saturated, ask your stylist to
include some lowlights, too. For the
least amount of upkeep and the
most natural looking contrast,
have your colorist blend up a
dark shade, which is close to
your natural base color, along
with a brighter blonde for a more
sun-kissed look when you’re

Layered Cut/

Subtle Highlights

To give your hair more movement, try mixing long layered locks with some subtle highlights. If you have dark hair, this is a great way to give your hair color a lift. You will want to use really thin streaks throughout your hair, and then give the tips of your hair some lighter coloring to add that extra lift.

Face-Framing Highlights

For a unique highlight, without changing much of your base shade at all, consider adding in just a few wisps of highlighted hair color right around your face. Using face-framing highlights helps draw attention to your facial features, as well as provides a contrast to your original base color. This is a great look if you have red hair, too.


A natural way to keep your base hair color, but invoke a sun-kissed look, is using babylights. These natural-looking highlights make your hair look like it probably did when you were a child. When you stylists adds accent
highlights that appear “sun-kissed,” these delicate highlights make your hair look more dynamic, as well as healthier. This is also a great way to experience highlights without a lot of upkeep. A low-maintenance hair color is, of course, a great way to begin the summer.

Vertical Highlights

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the vertical highlight. In this case, the contrast is extremely vivid, so prepare to turn a few heads. In most cases the highlight color comes in blonde, brown, or red, but you can also incorporate other bolder colors for an even more drastic change.

At Barron’s London Salon, our team of color specialists has the experience needed to give you just the right look, no matter which types of highlights you are considering. Most of our clients come in search of natural-looking highlights, so we work to blend just the right tone to match your natural hair color.

Barron’s London Salon color specialists are also expertly trained in the techniques needed for more bold and vivid highlighting styles and services. We offer a number of colorists, ranging from levels 1-4, along with services provided by Salon Director David Barron. Barron is one of Atlanta’s premier hair stylists, trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, and lending his experience now to his award-winning team of color specialists and hair stylists.

To experience any of the newest trends in highlighting, contact the professional color specialists at Barron’s London Salon to cater to all of your hair coloring needs. We will work to give you the look you want and help present the best “you” imaginable.

If you are ready to change your hair color, adding in some beautiful and rich highlights for the summer season, now is the time to make an appointment at Barron’s London Salon. Let our color specialists help you transform your look by trying out one of the hottest summer highlighting trends for 2015.

Prep Your Hair For Summer This May At Barron’s London Salon


Prep Your Hair for Summer this May at Barron’s London Salon!

This month we are focused on getting your hair ready for summer and all of the things that can wreak havoc on your hair. By adding moisture, strength and smoothness, your hair can make it through the damage caused by heat, sun, chlorine, salt water, etc. relatively unscathed!


Add Moisture: If your hair is dehydrated now, just imagine what it will feel like at the end of those hot summer months! May is the perfect time to rehydrate hair and get it prepped for the sun. We recommend adding an in-salon moisture treatment with a follow up at home with a hydrating mask to help hydrate and retain moisture.


Add Strength: Is your hair weak or already breaking? Add strength now to keep from having super damaged hair at the end of summer. An in-salon strengthening treatment is exactly what your stylist ordered! Adding elasticity and strength to your hair now will help protect it from the elements that weaken hair during the summer months.


Add Smoothness: Already fighting frizz? You know the uphill battle that will become as the weather gets hotter and more humid. Adding keratin will help significantly decrease frizz for the summer! Start with a Vitalshot in May and consider a treatment for longer lasting results.


May Deals at Barron’s London Salon


*FREE Un.Tangle-Me with purchase of Hydrate.Me Wash & Hydrate.Me Rinse

(while supplies last)  Un.Tangle-Me is a leave-in moisture spray with heat protection.

*$15 Moisture Treatment with any service (Reg $25)
*$15 Strenthening Treatment with any service (Reg $25)
*$15 Keratin Vitalshot with any service (Reg $25)
*25% off Davines Masks with purchase of Shampoo & Conditioner


Barron’s Buzz

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10

Memorial Day, May 25


“Spring” Into Something New This April At Barron’s London Salon


Spring is all about fresh starts and trying something new! At Barron’s London Salon we encourage you to branch out, spread your wings and dive into something new with your hair! Below are a few suggestions to “spring” you into something new!

• Try a new trend: What is new this spring in the hair world? How about going grey? Yes, women everywhere have been coloring their natural gray to hide it, but today’s trend is to let it shine! But not in the natural sort of let-it-grow-out way, 2015-Spring-and-Summer-Hair-Color-Trends-Silver-Hair-16but the dye- me-platinum-with-a-violet-undertone way. Not your cup of tea? No problem…we have a few other options to help you “spring” into something new.

• Try a new product: Whether you switch up your shampoo and conditioner, or add a new root boost or smoothing serum to your hair routine, changing products can be a great thing for spring! At Barron’s London Salon we are untangledlaunching a new product line, Davines, to help you spring into something new! Our hair professionals can guide you to the best fit for your hair type. Like what you’ve been using? So do we! The other lines we carry still stand strong, but may have some new offerings to try, like Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo or Kevin Murphy’s Un.tangled

• Try a new philosophy: Recycle, sustainability, low emissions…whatever you like a little, embrace a lot for a new way to spring into something new. Read more for ways we can help you with this through new biodegradable packaging from Kevin Murphy to the farm to table concept in hair care with Davines.

April Deals at Barron’s London Salon
Davines is a family owned business with an emphasis on the natural, sustainable beauty that is great for your hair with proven results. Stop by to get the full story and a personalized recommendation for you!

“At Davines, we believe that living a balance of Beauty and Sustainability, what we call “Sustainable Beauty”, can improve our lives and the world around us”

Our gift to you for April…
Free travel hairspray with the purchase of any 2 Davines products

Davines Styling
Barron’s Buzz
Easter! April 5

Easter Eggs

David travels to Toronto to find out the results of his nomination for International Stylist of the Year April 18!


David Barron Is A Finalist For International Stylist of the Year



The 2015 Canadian Hairdresser Mirror Awards are approaching! The 21st annual event will be held on April 18, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North in Downtown Toronto. Stylists from all over the world have sent in their entries, and the finalists for each category have been chosen.

Categories include Colourist of the Year, Avant Garde, Makeup Stylist of the Year, Men’s Cut and Style, and more. However, we’re proud to announce that David Barron is among five of the finalists for the category of International Stylist of the Year!

Sponsored by brands like ConAir, Tressa, L’Oréal, and Paul Mitchell, the 2015 Canadian Hairdresser Mirror Awards will be a sure fire event for these styling finalists. Show congratulations to David Barron by liking his Facebook page! Stay up-to-date on the happenings of Barron’s London Salon!


“Spring” into March’s Monthly Specials!

2015 March Blog

2015 March Blog

Believe it or not, spring is almost here! With warmer weather ahead, now is a great time to think about prepping your hair for the humid conditions that lie ahead.

*Beat the heat: With the heat running all winter long, your hair and skin can become extremely dry. Adding moisture now will help to condition your hair to avoid frizz and fly aways in the coming months. Products like Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Treatment line help to repair hair from the inside and coat the hair with protective lipids on the outside. The result is healthy hair with a smooth finish. A great way to prep hair for spring!

2015 March Blog 2 Cropped*Be the “early bird”: For the overachievers out there, a Keratin Blowout Treatment is a perfect transition from winter to spring. A Keratin Blowout lasts around 8 weeks, so repairing damage and controlling frizz now preps hair for a full Keratin Treatment when the time is right. This regimen should get you through the spring and summer with hair you will love!

*Fake it: If winter has left your hair a lost cause (for now), we can add hair extensions for length or volume! Easy fixes like Double Hair and System Volume hair extensions by Balmain are great options for easy maintenance and a beautiful look while you work on repairing and growing your own hair. Getting hair extensions now gives you plenty of time to learn how to care for them before the season begins in full swing.

Edited Extensions 1

Extensions 2

March Specials at Barron’s London Salon

$199 Balmain System Volume Hair Extensions (Regularly $245)…ends March 15

$475 Balmain Double Hair Extensions (Regularly $650)…ends March 15

Barron’s Buzz


St. Patrick’s Day March 17

2015 March Blog 3

First Day of Spring March 20

The 15 Hottest Hairstyle Trends of 2015



In need of some hair inspiration? Look no further – we’ve got a selection of the hottest hairstyles for spring 2015, straight from the runway. Check it out and find the perfect new ‘do.

From boho waves to braids and baby bobs, these are the current and upcoming hairstyles trends.

If you are anything like us, you are probably thinking about changing your hairstyle every other season. Maybe you are bored with your lengths, your cut and style, or your color and you want to escape the rut by trying something new.

Before you start planning your 2015 makeover, take a look at our guide and discover the biggest hair trends. You will find amazing hair ideas for every length, color, and hair type. From relaxed chops to sophisticated looks and intriguing up-dos, you will see cuts that work on all face shapes and styles suited for all ages and hair lengths.

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Form and Color: the Trendy Hair For 2015



Beauty can be a process, but if you know the tricks, you can get it right! On a beauty scale of 1 to ten, I would confidently assert that you can get an easy 8 from an outfit alone. However, for women, the trick is even more interesting: the hair!

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Christmas Gifts For Those Who Are Hard To Buy For



With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, it seems as if everybody is scrambling to finish up their shopping for those who matter most. It’s not that these Christmas shoppers procrastinated, but that they aren’t really sure what to give as a gift. Everybody has someone on their list that is hard to shop for, right? Well, don’t fret this Christmas season as we, at Barron’s London Salon, have you covered. Check out these wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones that they are sure to enjoy.

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