Short and Long Layers are Hot For Spring - Atlanta Hair Salon in the Heart of Buckhead

Q: I just moved to Atlanta from New York, and I am uncertain as to what’s “in” since I’m no longer living in the fashion capital. My hair right now is cut in a Vidal Sasson-style bob, and I don’t have any color on it. I would like to go shorter. Can you give some new styles to consider? – Sue – Atlanta

A: Welcome to Atlanta. New York is a great city, but Atlanta has some style of its own. Right now, the hot thing for women with mid-length hair is to go shorter. Depending on the shape of your face, this might be an option for you to consider. For a quick and easy change, you could opt for a fringe if your bob is all one length. You can also try layering your hair, which will give you a lot of texture – both short or long layers will work depending on how short you want to go. I would also recommend coloring your hair to add some vibrance and set off your new style. Good luck and send me a photo when you make the change.


Q: I have lived in Atlanta or 10 years now, and I’ve always used the same salon. My hair is long and all one length, and it takes the stylists very little time to cut my hair. I am thinking about making some changes like having layers cut in around my face or bangs. I also have been seeing women wearing their hair in a “flip”, which I kind of like. What would you recommend to add some new style to my plain haircut? – Tracy – Snellville

A: I think it’s great that you are considering a new hairstyle. If you want to create a completely new look, though, I’d recommend that you make changes over time since you have had the same haircut for years. I would suggest slowly working layers into your hair, beginning with some long layers cut in around your face. Layers are becoming really popular again, and a lot of women are wearing their hair in a “flip” – I call it the “Retro flip”. All the latest styles are blow-dried with volumizing sprays or mousses. Wax is also being used to define layers and create texture (check out Jennifer Aniston’s new cut on Friends). Remember too, that when choosing a new hairstyle, make sure it works well with the shape of your face.


Q: This winter, I had my hairdresser add blonde highlights to my hair. Now as we get ready for summer, I am considering going darker. What coloring options would you recommend? – Sally – Doraville

A: If you really want to go darker, I would suggest toning down the blonde with lowlights to add some warm tones and break up the solid blonde color. Try some autumn shades such as chestnut, toffee or caramel, which will compliment the blonde and achieve a darker color without making the change quite so drastic.