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Who Should Get A Keratin Treatment?

Many of our clients are unsure if they are a candidate for a Keratin Treatment.  With all of the buzz out there about Keratin Treatments, here are a few key questions to ask to help you decide if a Keratin Treatment is a good option for your hair.


  • First, is your hair super frizzy, or frizzy enough that it bothers you?  If you answered yes, even if it is only during the summer months when humidity is high, then a Keratin Treatment is a great option for you.  Because Keratin Treatments reduce over 90% off your frizz, you will love the results.
  • Second, is hair difficult to blow dry and/or style?  Usually clients with very thick or coarse hair run into this problem.  If the answer is yes, then a Keratin Treatment will be a great option for you!  By adding Keratin, a naturally occurring protein, your hair shaft will be much smoother, which in turn makes it easier for brushes, blow dryers, flat irons, etc. to glide through.
  • Third, is you hear breaking, damaged or over processed?  Then a Keratin Treatment is a MUST HAVE!  Hair becomes dry and brittle when it is unhealthy.  By adding back the natural Keratin protein your hair is made of, you are rebuilding the strength and elasticity of your hair.  While one Keratin Treatment will do wonders, several a few months apart should help to restore hair that is extremely compromised.

To get specific answers about your hair, it is always best to consult a certified Keratin Treatment stylist.  Call Barron’s London Salon at 404-812-0032 to schedule a treatment for yourself today!  Packages are available!