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Keratin Treatment vs Permanent Straighter, Which One is Best?

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When clients call asking about permanent straightening vs a keratin treatment, we usually have them come into the salon for a consultation to determine the best solution.  This post will hopefully help you get started on making the right decision for your hair.  The easiest question to ask yourself when deciding between a permanent straightener or a keratin treatment is, “Do I want straight hair all of the time?”  If you hesitate in any way, a straightener is not the right choice for you.    Even if you wear your hair straight most of the time, if you  like to occasionally play with your natural curl or wave, that option goes away for good when you permanently straighten your hair.  Most people want to just have more manageability and less frizz, which is where a keratin treatment comes in.  Keratin treatments offer over 90% frizz control and help hair to be more healthy and easier to style.  One thing to note is that all Keratin treatments are not the same.  The Keratin Complex by Coppola treatment offered at Barron’s London Salon is a smoothing treatment that is OSHA approved and formaldehyde free. For more information on Keratin Treatments visit the links below.  If you have more questions, or want to get either service done call 404-812-0032!

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