Take The Pain Out of Blowdrying Your Hair - Atlanta Hair Salon in the Heart of Buckhead

Q: I have very thick, straight hair that is difficult to blow dry. I work out every day, and I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair. I also have dry ends, which is a big problem for an active person like me. Can you give me some suggestions that will help save me time and still have a hairstyle that I can feel good about? – Donna – Buckhead

A: If your hair is long, cut the length just past your shoulders or slightly above. Also, have your stylist add some long layer. This will allow you to keep depth to your hairstyle without the excess hair. Thick hair gets dry quickly, so use a moisturizing conditioner regularly. This will soften your hair, making it easier to blow dry. To dry your hair more quickly, use a towel to remove excess water just until your hair is slightly damp. Then blow dry, using a large, wooden round brush. Wrap large sections of your hair around the brush, beginning at the back of your head and move to the front. This allows you to dry your hair evenly and makes the drying process faster.


Q: I take good care of my hair and I really like my haircut, but sometimes I have problems with frizziness and dryness. I also find my hair is difficult to blow dry. Can you give me some suggestions to help prevent these problems? – Jill – Dunwoody

A: This is a problem that some people have with hair that’s been colored or processed chemically. To alleviate the frizziness, wash your hair and then dry it slightly to remove excess water. Apply a “defrizzer” product, such as Tricolife, and then blow dry as normal. You should also use a moisturizing conditioner regularly. This should give you a more smooth and controlled look to your hairstyle. For dryness, apply an oil treatment to your hair two times a week for a month. Your hair should become more rich and supple. Use once every month after initial application. Apply the same blow-drying techniques I described above.


Q: I moved to Atlanta from New York City not too long ago, and have been traveling back to my hairstylist for touch-ups and regular haircuts. My schedule is getting very busy and it’s becoming difficult to get back to New York. How can I find a hairstylist that I can trust to maintain my current hairstyle? – Sarah – Buckhead

A: Finding a good stylist that you can trust can be a big problem, especially if you have developed a good relationship with a hairdresser. Since you trust your New York stylist, ask for a recommendation. Referrals are the best sources to find a new salon. Also, I find that if you see a haircut on someone that you really like, ask them for the name of their stylist. It’s a safe bet that they can lead you to someone that you will be able to develop a new relationship with.


Q: I am beginning to have a problem with thinning hair, and I want to find a hairstyle that’s more flattering. I also want to find some hair care products that can give some volume. Can you give me some recommendations? – Janis – Dunwoody

A: Most women who have this problem are thinning through the crown. One of the best haircuts for this is to have your stylist add layers through that area, which gives you more depth and volume. To give you even more thickness and volume, I recommend using a natural product called Phytocayne.