Three Great Benefits for Getting a Salon Treatment for Dry Hair

Three Benefits of Getting a Salon Treatment for Dry Hair

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Is your hair frizzy, unmanageable and impossible to style? Do you dread shampooing your locks because drying your hair turns your tresses into a brittle, unsightly mess? If this sounds like you, your mane is in serious need of some moisture.

What’s the quickest, most surefire way to top-notch moisturization? A high-quality salon treatment specially formulated to revive dry hair.

Why Is My Hair So Dry?

Hair becomes dry and brittle for a variety of reasons, but there are a few culprits that are almost always to blame.


  • Cheap Shampoo

While it sounds like a cliché marketing tactic, your dry and brittle hair is proof that not all shampoos are created equal. Many shampoos you can buy at the local pharmacy or grocery store strip your hair of precious moisture, leaving it unmanageable. They’re also full of sulfates, which strip away natural oils that protect the hair shaft. Our hair, just like our skin, is unique in its pH. Using the wrong shampoo can rob your locks of their vibrancy, elasticity and shine.


  • Washing Too Often

Believe it or not, shampooing your hair every day is terrible for both your scalp and your hair. Just as with harsh shampoos, washing too often strips your hair of natural oils that are essential to keeping your locks shiny and moisturized.


  • Heat Styling

If you’re busting out the blow dryer every time you shampoo or heating the flatiron as part of your daily routine, you’re not doing your hair any favors. Heat styling robs your hair of moisture, especially if you’re cranking up the heat beyond 400 degrees.


  • Chemical Processing

For most of us, there’s no way around dying our hair every now and again, especially when we start seeing those dreaded grays. Unfortunately, frequent hair dying will do a number on your hair cuticle, leaving your locks dry and brittle. The chemical process is even more destructive to cuticles during bleaching and lightening. Perms and relaxers also wreak havoc on your hair’s natural structure.


  • The Environment

There are all kinds of environmental factors that can strip hair of its natural moisture, from intense UV rays to wind and salty air. And don’t forget those frequent summer dips in the pool — chlorine is a potent chemical that dries out the hair cuticle, just as hair dyes, perms and relaxers do.

Why Opt for Salon Treatment?

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Repairing dry and damaged hair is best done with professional salon treatments. There is a bevy of benefits to professional therapies over other methods. Here are three reasons to visit your stylist for in-house moisturization.


  • Better Than Home Remedies

Unlike various home remedies that you can buy at the store or concoct on your own, professional treatments — such as formaldehyde-free keratin treatment — offer intense moisture that can repair and rejuvenate hair in as little as a single session. These treatments deeply penetrate the hair shaft to rebalance pH levels, restore proteins and revitalize lost nutrients. The result is shiny, youthful, beautiful hair.


  • The Perfect Treatment for Your Unique Locks

While over-the-counter hair masks and conditioners that promise to restore lost moisture may work for some people, they very well may not work for you. Why? Because all hair is different. A professional stylist understands your hair type and knows exactly what treatment will benefit your hair the most. Ignoring your hair type will not only waste your time and money but will offer little to no benefit. For optimal results, ask your stylist about the best hair treatment for dry, damaged hair.


  • Advice After the Fact

Restoring your hair is one thing. Keeping it beautifully vibrant is another. When you choose a professional treatment to restore your dry hair, you’re not only getting the treatment itself but also the indispensable advice of a professional stylist. With your stylist’s help, you can avoid letting your hair get to the state it was in before your restorative treatment, and the healthier you can keep your hair overall, the better it will look.

What Types of Treatments are Available?

There are a variety of great professional salon treatments for dry, damaged hair, from fortified salon-quality shampoos to deep in-house conditioners. The most popular are Keratin Complex products, which are formulated to enhance moisture and strengthen your hair from the inside out. Davines shampoo is specially made for damaged hair with natural ingredients such as lentil seed, Cartucciaru melon, and Fiaschetto tomato extracts.

There are also more involved treatments, such as Inphenom, a three to five-step procedure that’s applied in-house directly after coloring to lock in your color, achieve incredible shine and protect your hair from free radicals. These types of treatments, along with many more powerful remedies, are only available through your salon, so ask about an in-house salon treatment for dry hair during your next appointment. With your stylist’s guidance, you can achieve incredible hair that’s both healthy and beautiful.

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