Additional ProductsHair Extensions are a great way to add volume to fine hair, color without processing hair, or length without waiting for hair to grow!
We use the highest quality extensions by Balmain, the Italian runway designer, and the most updated technology available. While most people opt for the newest version of extension that can be installed in an hour, we still offer traditional fusion or microbead extensions. Consultations are required before any extension services can be offered, however we may be able to offer same day service based on the available colors and lengths.

Hair extensions offer a great way to immediately increase the length, volume or texture of your hair. They can also add color without stripping or damaging your hair or be used as accessories for special occasions.

BEST Hair Extensions in Atlanta by Barron’s London Salon

The first step in any hair extension service is a consultation because your hair extensions will be specialized for you. During your consultation, you and your stylist will discuss:

  • Which type of hair extension is best for your hair type
  • What colors and textures you want
  • How much hair you will need
  • Exact prices for the service

After your consultation, we will set a date for your hair extension service and order your hair.

Hair Extension Types by Barron’s London Salon

At Barron’s London Salon, we offer various types of the best hair extensions in Atlanta:

  • Fusion extensions
  • Cold fusion extensions, also known as microbead or interlink extensions
  • System volume fusion hair extensions
  • Double hair weft extensions
  • Clip in hair extensions

Extensions may be applied strand by strand, or in wefts.

Hair Extension Maintenance

We recommend scheduling a service visit at least every four to six weeks for an extension “check up”. This can be combined with a color service, or be a stand-alone shampoo and style service.

These visits allow your stylist to evaluate when you are due to have an extension fill in service, and if you are due to have any hair extension removed or replaced.  These visits also allow your stylist to maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair, and to keep your extensions smooth and tangle-free.

Call 404.812.0032 to schedule your consultation for hair extensions today!

Hair Extensions Services

For Volume  Based on consultation**
For Color  Based on consultation**
For Length  Based on consultation**


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The $50 consultation fee for hair extensions, corrective color, Keratin treatments, or permanent straightening will be applied to your service.

Confirmation of Appointments

All appointments will be confirmed 48 hours in advance. We can confirm your appointment by phone, text or email. We ask that you please respond to confirm your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 24-hour notice for cancellation of appointments. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% per service. Same day cancellations or no shows will be charged 100% per service.

Deposit Policy

We require a deposit to hold all appointments. Walk-ins are welcome and do not require a deposit, however availability cannot be guaranteed.