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2017 Hair Trends That We Love

2017 hair trends that we love

2017 hair trends that we love

Just like fashion and jewelry, hairstyles tend to become trendy. Once they’re shown off on the runways, they’re featured in fashion and beauty magazines, and they suddenly become mainstream.

You may notice many women wearing the same hairstyle. While that style may be popular now, who knows what will happen in 2017 and beyond? It all depends on what Versace, Givenchy, Burberry, and other designers say is popular.

Now that 2016 is over, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. If you’re ready to change up your current hairstyle (or lack thereof) and try something a little more daring or new, then here’s a list of trends to take note of. Some of these trends have been around for awhile, while others are expected to gain popularity as we enter the new year.

New Year, new hair infographic

2017 hair trend - the lob divider graphic

Girl with lob hairstyleThe lob. A longer version of a bob, the lob has been in style for almost two years now. It was thought that it would go away after the summer of 2015, but it’s still in style as we head into 2017. Expect to see lobs with more layers as we ease into the new year. If you already sport shoulder-length hair, let your stylist cut in some textures.

For many women, the lob is the perfect length of hair. It’s not as drastic as a pixie cut or even a bob, and it’s not so long that it’s unmanageable. You can wear it up in a bun or ponytail if you like, and it won’t take you hours to style it.

The nice thing about the lob is that you can customize it. You can add bangs, curls, or beachy waves as you please. The ideal length is at the collar bone, so it does require some maintenance. You will need to be vigilant about getting it trimmed every six weeks or so.

2017 hair trend - long bangs divider graphic

Long bangs. For 2017, go long – in the bangs, that is. The current trend is to go eye-length, so, if you don’t mind getting a little hair in your eyes, try this trend. Letting your bangs grow out will give your hair the change you desire without getting a haircut. Long bangs are versatile and go well with a variety of hair styles. Whether you have short hair, long hair, straight hair, or curly hair, eye-length bangs will be all the rage in 2017, so resist the urge to trim them.

2017 hair trend - middle part divider graphic

Middle part. The middle part was once a hair no-no, but now designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Versace, and Burberry are embracing it as a hot trend. With an equal amount of hair on both sides, the middle part is a great way to frame the face.

It’s also a good move if you want to spice up your hairstyle without doing anything drastic. You can try it and, if you don’t like it, you can always go back to your original hairstyle.

You can opt for waves or go for a sleek finish. Even Hollywood’s elite are hip to this low-maintenance trend. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are fans of the middle part.

2017 hair trend - top knot divider graphic

woman with topknot holding yellow tulipsTop knots. A bun at the top of the head never goes out of style. There are many styles of knots to consider. A messy bun is quick and easy enough when you have to get out of the door in a hurry. You can opt for more polished top knots when you have an important meeting to attend. Some top knots even incorporate braids for a boho look that’s great for casual or formal events. Many women have been using this hair style for proms, weddings, and other events. There are a variety of ways to incorporate this style into your hair, so, however you do it, you’ll be on trend for 2017.

2017 hair trend - corkcrew curls divider graphic

Corkscrew curls. These tight curls look great on women. You’ll be especially on trend if you can rock natural corkscrews, but, if not, fake ones will do. You can go tight and neat for a more professional look, or backcomb your curls for a grungy look, perfect for a party or concert. Whichever look you choose, if you’ve got corkscrew curls, rock ‘em!

2017 hair trend - ombre divider graphic

Ombre. Ombre became popular several years ago, and it looks like it will be going strong in 2017. This trend, characterized by two-tone hair that looks like the ends were dipped in dye – or sun-kissed summer hair with the ends growing out in a different color – is a mainstay among celebrities, in particular. It raised eyebrows, at first, but, by now, just about every major Hollywood star has sported this hairstyle. Ombre is a fun style because it allows you to experiment with different colors. If you have curly or wavy hair, ombre adds volume and definition to these styles.

2017 hair trend - beachy waves divider graphic

Beachy waves. The tousled hair look may look a wee bit messy, but it’s a trendy look that will continue to pop up just about everywhere in 2017. As the name implies, beachy waves in your hair look like you just got back from the beach. Now, beauty companies are marketing sprays that contain sea salt so you emulate this look any time – not just during the summer months. Just spray some on the ends of your hair and you’re good to go.

Woman with beachy waves in hair

2017 hair trend - accessories divider graphic

Accessories. Having a bad day or just feeling creative? Accessories are a great way to cover up any frizz or other imperfections. Even if your hair looks perfectly fine, accessories can be a fun way to spruce up your hair. You can think of your hair as a blank canvas, and yourself as an artist.

Hair bands, clips, jewelry, ribbons, stars, and cubes are all the rage and will continue to be trendy in 2017. Even tiaras have been seen on runway models. You don’t need to be royalty. Wear them to a festival, party, or even to work. With hair accessories, you can go bright and shiny or more sophisticated. You can dress up your hair as you please.

2017 hair trend - braids divider graphic

Woman in braided hairstyleBraids. Just about everyone is sporting some sort of braid nowadays. You can opt for a classic three-strand twist or go edgy with a number of twists, as seen at Armani, Preen, and Detacher. Crown braids and other more elegant styles are also popular, particularly for moms on the go.

Fishtail braids and braids strategically placed down the center part – also called unicorn braids – are also on trend. Models such as Gigi Hadid have been seen sporting this trend, but it looks good only on certain people. Try it for yourself to see if you can pull it off. No matter how you add a braid, you’ll be rocking a cool new look for 2017.

2017 hair trend - pastel shades divider graphic

Pastel hair shades. Who wouldn’t want to have hair the same color as ice cream or cotton candy? Rock stars and celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne are fans of pastel colors. Lavender, cotton candy pink, baby blue mint, and peach are some fun colors to consider.

So, if you have hair coloring on the mind, forget blonde, black, brown, and other traditional shades and opt for a lively pastel color. Although you can purchase these hair colors in box form, for best results have your stylist do the coloring.

2017 hair trend - balayage divider graphic

Balayage. This type of hair coloring is growing in popularity and will continue to be trendy for 2017. A technique dubbed “colorist free-hand,” balayage uses color applied straight from a board onto the hair – no foil highlights required. The hair is lightly colored in sections. Color is applied with a paddle board and brush. Balayage is a celebrity favorite, with stars such as Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Miranda Kerr sporting this trend.

2017 hair trend - natural textures divider graphic

Natural textures. Tired of fighting with your hair to get it to do what you want it to do? Then just go au naturel. Models have been strutting down the runways with their natural hair. Spending hours trying to straighten hair or add more volume is futile. Take back your time and be happy with your natural hair texture.

Woman with naturally textured hair

2017 hair trend - volume divider graphic

Volume. Forget flat, lifeless hair. Bigger is better when it comes to hair. Volume is in for 2017. So, how can you add some more life to your hair? Your part may fall naturally, but, for a big boost, flip your part to the opposite side.

You can add some soft volume by back-brushing the roots of your under-layers with a paddle brush. Blow drying your hair while it’s upside down may also work. Sleeping in a bun is also a good option, as you’ll wake up with waves and volume.

Products are your friend. Turn to volume-enhancing shampoos, dry shampoo, and root boosters to add volume to flat hair.

2017 hair trend - wet look divider graphic

The wet look. Slicked-back hair isn’t just for the guys. Jennifer Lopez was first seen with the wet look more than a decade ago, and now Kim and Khloe Kardashian are known for it. This look became popular about two years ago, and it’s still a popular hair trend.

To pull off this look, you can wear it with a ponytail or bun. However, if you want to get the full effect, just slick everything back and wear your hair down. This sleek, chic look takes all the hair off the face, so it’s not for the faint of heart. You must have boldness and confidence in order to pull this off.

Although this look works for all hair types, those with square- or heart-shaped faces should avoid this look, as it makes the face look square. To get this look, apply some texture spray, use your blow dryer to add some volume, and set with a strong-hold hairspray.

2017 hair trend - bold cuts divider graphic

Bold cuts. Be daring for 2017! If you’re tired of maintaining your long hair or are simply in the mood to try something different, try a new haircut. Bold cuts will be big this year, so, if a short bob or undercut is something you’ve been wanting to try for quite some time now, the new year is the perfect time to show off a new ‘do.

Woman with short bold haircutA bold haircut like this may sound boyish, but these types of cuts make a statement and give you a feminine edge. When you sport shorter hair, the focus is on your shoulders, neck, and face.

Graphic cuts and heavyweight lines will be all the rage, so be sure to book an appointment with your stylist soon and take the plunge. And, if you don’t like it? Hair always grows back.

Talk with your stylist about the type of haircut that will work best for your natural texture, while taking your lifestyle into consideration. Let your stylist know how much time you intend to spend on your hair every morning, as well as the products you typically use. 2017 is about chic and effortless looks, so stop blowing out your hair. Let your hair do its own thing and just deal with it.

Is your New Year’s resolution to rock a new hairstyle for 2017? Try one of the fun looks listed above. While some work better for parties and hanging out on the weekends, you can wear some of these at the office. Pick a style you like and book your hair appointment today!

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