Perms, Hair Relaxing, Permanent Straightening Hair Texture Treatments

Hair texture treatments change the texture of your hair. Go curly/wavy with perms - go straight with hair relaxing treatments & permanent straightening.

Hair Texturing Salon Services - Permanents, StraighteningHair Relaxers, Perms and Permanent Straightening

Whether you want to add or reduce volume, texture services will restructure the bonds of your hair to make them behave.

Our hair texture services include:

  • Bodywaves
  • Curly perms
  • Beach wave perms
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Relaxing

Make your hair curly, make it straight…your choice!

At Barron’s London Salon in Buckhead, we know that beautiful hair is healthy hair. Whether you have oily, dry, thin, or coarse hair, we have a treatment that will leave your locks lovelier than ever.

At Barron’s London Salon, we believe that great hairstyles start with healthy and hydrated hair. We offer a variety of treatments to nourish and revitalize hair and scalps. Perfect for oily, dry, brittle, coarse, fine, or limp hair, our treatments provide manageability, brilliance, and strength.

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Ready to go curly or straight?

Whether going curly with a perm or straight with a hair relaxer, schedule an appointment for your hair texture treatment today! Also, be sure to check out our cancellation and deposit policies.

Perms, Permanent Straightening & Hair Relaxing Cost Hair Texture Treatment Pricing

Curl Me Professional Perm Service

Chin LengthShoulder LengthPast ShouldersPast Middle Back
Curl Me Professional Perm Service
Bodywaves, Curly perms, Beach wave perms.

Relax Me Professional Hair Relaxer Service

Re-GrowthFull Head
Relax Me Professional Hair Relaxer Service85110+

Straighten Me Professional Permanent Straightening Service

Re-GrowthFull Head
Straighten Me Professional Permanent Straightening ServiceBy consultationBy consultation

Confirmation of Appointment & Policies


The $50 consultation fee for hair extensions, corrective color, Keratin treatments, or permanent straightening will be applied to your service.

Confirmation of Appointments

All appointments will be confirmed 48 hours in advance. We can confirm your appointment by phone, text or email. We ask that you please respond to confirm your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 24-hour notice for cancellation of appointments. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% per service. Same day cancellations or no shows will be charged 100% per service.

Deposit Policy

We require a deposit to hold all appointments. Walk-ins are welcome and do not require a deposit, however availability cannot be guaranteed.

Covid-19 appointment guidelines