Exciting Hair Trends in 2018

Exciting Hair Trends in 2018

exciting hair trends 2018

This year, we’ve seen individuality celebrated on red carpets, runways, and social media feeds, and the same is true for hair!  The new philosophy is to buck the trends and choose a hairstyle that represents your unique style.

Speak to a stylist about the wearability of the hottest hair trends of 2018 and find a unique twist on a popular style and embrace your natural textures, whether its poker straight or voluminous and curly.

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The hair colors that are set to define 2018 are “the metallic” ones: silver and gold. The idea of glossy, shiny hair has taken itself to a new horizon with added metallic hues.

Adding shimmer to the hair creates a beautiful, healthy effect from the icy glow of pink and purple to the jewel tones of blues and green. The metallic hair color trend is not for everyone. For the dye to show its true color on your hair, it will need to be first dyed to level-ten platinum. It’s highly recommended that you visit a salon or a colorist for this process because they will use a product like Keratin Vital Shots to reconnect the hair bonds that are broken during the coloring process.

Silver hair is no longer an unwanted nightmare, as embraced by Jade Thirlwall and Ariana Grande, but it is the hardest to achieve. There is a wide spectrum to the silver hair trend, from icy white tones that take platinum blondes to a new level to the more jewel-toned blues.

You don’t have to choose just one color; add some pastel tones underneath your silver hair or mix rose gold into your copper hair. Rita Ora is great inspiration for anyone looking to add pastel tones to their hair, from her ombre pink high ponytail to her poker-straight blue and pink locks.

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This is a high-maintenance trend, as these semi-permanent colors can be hard to keep looking fresh, but you can boost your hair with an ice-cold rinse after every wash, which helps seal the color. Ideally, it’s recommended to wash your hair twice a week with cold water, and then use dry shampoo in between washes to maintain the vibrant hue.

Copper tones will take redheads to a new level. These penny-toned hues will be a big summer vacation trend. Rose gold is another popular choice for those with golden blonde tones or for blondes wanting to add more warmth to the hair.  Ronze (red and bronze) is the cousin to the redhead, as seen on stars like Emma Roberts. Ronze is one of the most wearable shades, especially for natural brunettes. It’s all about finding the right balance of tones to flatter your complexion.

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Much like 2017, we are embracing the natural textured curl trend again in 2018. This year, we up the ante and aim high with big voluminous curls. Retire your straighteners and rock your natural ringlets. Look to models Cindy Bruna and Alanna Arrington for 70s-inspired mess of curls that embrace natural movements and textures.

Avoid using any relaxers or brushing textured hair. This will help preserve your natural curl pattern. Instead, use your fingers or a three-in-one-style pick to make it look more undone and natural. Use a few essential styling products like mousse, hairspray, or dry shampoo to take your natural texture to a new level of chic.

The aim, with natural curls, is to look for more dimension in color. Achieve this using a 3D color rather than traditional highlights or all-over color. Use one color as your base, and add two other colors to create a dimension, which achieves a similar effect to a balayage. To create the optimal curly-haired look, opt for cute haircut over length, and keep the curls shaped—don’t be afraid to try wedge cuts and bobs to emphasize your texture.

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We’re talking about a minimalist shoulder length or shorter look—just wash and go.

The no-fuss bob stays away from layers and is an excellent option for ladies with super-fine hair. We saw the bob come up to ear length in 2017, but, in 2018, the chin-grazing length is going to be the most fashionable option. Modern girls are choosing the middle part over the still-chic but classic side part.

The super-short pixie isn’t quite as cool as it once was. In 2018, long-tousled texture is much more youthful. This longer pixie cut looks great with texture if you have wavy, curly hair, or sleek and refined if you have straight hair. For an even more modern look, keep the front section of bangs swept to the side, which flatters the frame much more. Think Audrey Hepburn, with this male-influenced cut that looks so elegant and feminine.

If you want to go bolder than the long pixie, take it super short and add more volume than expected with a pixie cut. This is an excellent option for curly-haired girls. This look is easily achieved by air drying with a volumizing mousse before finishing with a texturizing spray. If you currently have a pixie cut, grow out the top and this little bit of length will make your hair more versatile and add volume.

Catherine McNeil made a statement at New York Fashion Week with her bowl cut, as shown at the Alexander Wang show. This tomboy haircut has been seen on the runways, and it is the hottest style for low-maintenance ladies. The 2018 update of the retro 1990s look is a geometric cut with an unusual shape. It is high maintenance, but it will make you stand out in the crowd.

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Shaggy bangs are having a big comeback in 2018. They feel effortless and are incredibly low maintenance. Soften blunt or full bangs and replace them with a wispy or parted-at-the-center bang—this is easier to maintain and gives off cool-girl vibes.

The shag haircut started appearing in 2017, and it won’t be the last time we see it. Embrace your natural, messy texture and reduce styling products. The shag haircut looks best when worn as a mid-length cut for hip 70s vibes.

The blunt shag is all about texture and less about length. It hits a little higher near the chin. It can be worn with or without bangs, and it is a great cut for adding volume. This is a perfect way of updating a bob.

If you thought we had left the curly shag back in the 80s, you’re wrong. Some celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Alison Brie have been rocking these big, curly shag haircuts, which have a full body and plenty of texture. Don’t be afraid to keep the bangs curly—just remember how great it looked on Taylor Swift in her recent music video.

Those who prefer a more androgynous look may want to look into the shaggy cut—think Swinging 60s London deconstructed mods. Wearing a messier, more textured shag cut will bring a fresh take to this timeless hair style.

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wet look hair quoteSeen on a multitude of runways in the 2018 season, this year’s wet look hair has an injection of texture to make it look more tousled. It graced the runways of Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, Prabal Gurung, and Jason Wu, proving that being caught in a rainstorm can be incredibly chic. The wet look style is a fantastic way of pulling your hair away from your face without a ponytail.

Coach offered a messy half-up half-down hairstyle for a 70s rock and roll vibe, which can be achieved using high gloss hairspray and finishing sprays. The key to executing this look is to use the hair’s natural texture and enhance it with mousse and hairspray so it achieves a tousled, dirty hairstyle.

Designer Prabal Gurung went for a drenched hair look, which was done by curling the hair in alternating directions for a tousled look before spritzing the hair with water and slicking it back with product. For those who are a little hesitant to look like they’ve just exited the shower, try slicking the roots and then combing them back into dry, shiny waves.

The home DIY hack to achieve this look is as easy as dipping a fine-tooth comb in pomade and, section by section, paint it into your hair for a flat wet look, and then tousle it with your hands for added volume or texture.

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Woman with flower hat

We predict that hair accessories will become very popular this year. It’s a simple way of upgrading a look from day to night—perfect for the glamour girls who want an impactful look or for a low-maintenance girl who wants to quickly glam up a precision haircut.  

Simone Rocha’s runway showed that a leading Spring 2018 hair trend would be pearl-encrusted hair clips. Models were seen wearing three at a time, one at the arch and one either side of the eyebrows. This look is dainty and reminiscent of the Renaissance era. These can make a pixie cut look elegant or they can tame wild curls.

Lanvin dressed up low ponytails with silk scarves wrapped from the base to midway down the hair. Silk doesn’t agitate hair cuticles, and it can be worn traditionally, wrapped around ponytails or around the neck with the hair tucked in to create a faux bob. Accessorized low ponytails were one of the big trends on runways.

Fenty x Puma’s bungee ponytails are one of the freshest new looks for spring, with bright, sporty ties bunched and wrapped around ponytails to create unique shapes. This is simple to execute, yet it looks very complicated. Leowe and Ulla Johnson wrapped single ponytails in a leather wrap in different neutral tones.

Flowers are no longer just for summer music festivals. Marchesa, D&G, and Phillip Plein all had flowers incorporated into their models’ hair. Marchesa had wispy deconstructed hair with wistful, soft cloth flowers placed in it. Rodarte used baby’s breath flowers on the temple and neck, but they paired blond models with huge red flowers pinned to the side to create a dramatic style. Dolce & Gabbana also showcased headpieces piled with flowers and trinkets—a new update on the flower crown.

As seen on Rihanna and Kendall Jenner, 2018 has taken the simple bobby pin and made stylized art. Exposed bobby pins can be interlaced in the hair for a stunning look, as seen on runway last year. These bobby pins can be the simple gold or silver finishes as well as pearlized, metallic finishes and neon colors for a stand-out look.

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Schoolgirl plaits are going to have a big comeback in 2018. The more pristine and shiny the plait, the more feminine it will look. To look more modern and on trend, keep the plait loose and a little untidy—the opposite of the recent boxer braid trend. To keep the look sophisticated, use a black hair tie or one similar to your hair color. Big hair bobbles are fun, but they take away from the simple elegance of a braid.

Get those YouTube braid tutorials queued up because it’s not just the simple plait. All kinds of braids are back, from four strands to fishtails. The subtlest type of braid will be the braided bun—perfect for on-the-go people, which involves pulling and securing hair into a pony at the nape and plaiting the length before twisting and pinning it into a ponytail braid.

Another hot braid this year will be a low, long, and loose fishtail braid with a glitzy accessory holding it at the nape. This year, hair accessories will help elevate your style to a new level.

So, whether you choose a bold hair color, a shaggy cut, or a simple flower crown, make 2018 your most stylish year ever. Luckily, there are countless ways to express your individuality in the new year!  

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