Men's Professional Haircuts - Atlanta - Barron's London Salon

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Clipper Cutting Cuts

The signature clipper cut is a go-to technique for the man on the move. It is a fast, easy, and affordable way to shape up your do with a clean, shaven look.

Razor Cutting Cuts

Transform your dull look to a popular style, thanks to a razor cut. Ideal for men with straight, slightly wavy, or thick, textured hairs, your hair will look like a work of art rather than a shaggy do.

Scissor Over Comb

If you desire a precise cut that is soft to the eyes and touch, you should get the scissor over comb cut. It creates a defined look that tapers in at the sides and nape of your head.


Create a smooth, blended haircut using the fading method. The hairs at the top of the head are long and transition into very short hairs as they get closer to the neck.


Eliminate bulky, thick, and unruly hair, thanks to texturing. If your hair is thinning, texturing will give your hair more volume and movement.


A blend will create a uniform hairstyle. Unlike a fade, which showcases a distinctive difference in short and long hair from the neck to the top of the head, a blend will make the hair uniform. You will not see a notable difference between the gradual shortness.

Flat Tops

This look is achieved by creating a flat surface at the top of the head, with cropped, short hairs on the side. It is a traditional style for military men.

Point Cutting Cuts

Remove bulk from your hair by creating layers or a gradual blend, thanks to a point cutting cut. Guide your hair into the right shape and style with this technique.

Razor Shaving

Embrace your inner old-world masculinity with straight razor shaving. Enjoy a relaxing time when you opt to soften your skin and face with a razor.