Preparing Your Hair For Your Wedding Day - Atlanta Hair Salon in the Heart of Buckhead

Q: I am getting married in Columbia, South Carolina at the end of September. I do not have a hairdresser there, and I am trying to find out what options I have. When I talked to my stylist her in Buckhead about what I should do, she told me she only specialized in haircutting and coloring – not hairdressing – which didn’t give me much hope that my hair would look good on my special day. I also do not know how I should wear my hair. I feel very stuck, and I only have a month to figure something out – HELP! What would you suggest? – Wendy – Atlanta

A: First off, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Your problem is not uncommon. Getting married out of your hometown poses a problem for many women when it comes to finding a trusted professional to do their hair. I commend your hairdresser for being honest with you that she does not specialize in dressing hair – you want someone who can do a great job for you. I suggest that you ask a few stylists in your salon here in Atlanta for any recommendations of hairdressers they may know in South Carolina. If that doesn’t work, you should ask friends and family who live in Columbia. You can also inquire at the shop where you bought your dress – people who work in the wedding industry tend to be well connected. If you have money in your budget, you could find a hairdresser here in Atlanta and have him travel with you to South Carolina to do your hair on your wedding day. When you find a hairdresser, you should met with him immediately so he can become familiar with your hair and complement your hair to your dress and veil. Good luck!


Q: My wedding is taking place in the middle of October, and I have no idea how I should wear my hair. The color is very light and my hair is quite short. I am thinking about having hair extensions added to give me some length or wear a wig. What would you suggest for someone who has short hair like mine? –Sharon – Chamblee

A: Whenever I work with a bride, I remind her that her wedding day is her special day and she should just be herself. Many brides get caught up in the fantasy of the day and tend to want to overdo their hair and make-up. I recommend that you just keep it simple. First, I would suggest that you maintain the haircut that you have, and not use a wig or get extensions. If you want to change your hair color, I would suggest you work with your colorist to tone down the blonde. Since it is so light, you can add earth tones, warm browns and some deep golds for some can dress it up with various accessories such as hair slides, beaded hairpins, tiaras or flowers. Before you purchase any of these items, however, I would suggest that you consult with your hairdresser to figure out which one works best with the shape of your face, your haircut and your dress. Email me a picture. I’d love to see how it turns out.


Bride Tips:

Finding the best hairstyle is one of the biggest concerns that brides have getting ready for their wedding day. Here are some tips I have developed over the years to help make this process easier.

  • Complement your hairstyle to your wedding dress. Make sure your hairdresser knows what your dress looks like, especially the neckline, so he can take this into account when styling your hair.
  • Keep your hair and makeup simple. By keeping your hair natural, you will be more yourself and you will have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.
  • Consider the shape of your face. If you opt to wear your hair up, make sure the style is flattering to your face.
  • Keep your hair well conditioned. Use a deep conditioner on your hair prior to your wedding day. This will make your hair look healthy and give you extra shine.