Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles
Young woman outside with a boy bob haircut

What is the Boy Bob Haircut? Still Trendy in 2024

By Barron's London Salon | May 6, 2024

WHAT is the “boy bob” haircut? The “Boy Bob” haircut is looser, less “done” interpretation of a chin-length to collarbone-length […]

March is Time for Spring Cleaning Your Hair!

By David Barron | February 27, 2014

SPRING CLEANING IS HERE! Tips for healthy hair this season Clarify those locks! – Springtime is all about starting fresh! […]

Getting Highlights Out of the Orange at Barron’s London Salon

By David Barron | August 21, 2013

Many, many new clients at Barron’s London Salon come in with the complaint that a previous salon left their hair […]

Barron’s London Salon Fall 2013 Hair Trends

By David Barron | August 14, 2013

Fall 2013 Hair Trends Straight from the runways of Europe, the newest fall hair trends are in!  We are finally […]

David Barron, Atlanta’s Best Hair Stylist, Back With Inspiration from London!

By David Barron | August 10, 2013

                    David Barron, Owner and top stylist of Barron’s London Salon, […]

Barron’s London Salon, Atlanta’s Best Hair Salon!

By David Barron | June 10, 2013

        A short video of the Best Hair Stylists in Atlanta hard at work at the Best Hair Salon in […]

VIP Blow Dry Packages at Barron’s London Salon!

By David Barron | June 6, 2013

VIP Blow Dry packages now available at Barron’s London Salon! Choose from a series of 5 blowouts for $35 each, […]

A Pop of Pink Hair for Spring by David Barron, Atlanta’s Best Hair Colorist!

By David Barron | April 26, 2013

             Sally always likes to change up her look, so for spring we took her […]

Charlize Theron Pixie Cut Oscars

The Oscars 2013

By David Barron | February 26, 2013

As a hairstylist, I always watch the red carpet events to see what the latest and greatest celebrity hair and […]